15 14 Unexpected kiss☺️

It's semester break and two days passed when the job offer gave to me, of one of my client. And Dad gave me a package money of what I need.

[diinng, diinng]bells ring from the gate button.

Then I went outside and head to the gate to see and welcome of who's pushing the button. Until I saw a face that's familiar and it was Jake, the assistant of Mrs. *******.

"Hi, come in" as I greet and welcome him.

"Hello too" he greet back and take step in with a brown envelope holding of.

"So today your holding a brown envelope" were I'm about to close the gate.

"Yeah and these are the things that I will explain to you later" Jake said were he's still waiting for me to lead to head to the house.

"I see and I think you need a cup of black cappuccino only" we're heading to the house.

"I think so" when we step in inside the house.

"Have a sit and I'll make you first a cup of black cappuccino" where we head to the living room.

"Thank you" as he sit on the single couch and put the envelope at the table.

At the kitchen..

As I enter, I saw Mom making her coffee.

"Hi Mom, I thought no one's here in the kitchen" when I'm about to get a cup and spoon.

"Your hungry too?" Mom ask after she sip a bit of coffee.

"No, I have a visitor" as I get a spoon of coffee when Mom interrupt me that made me stop.

"You will make a cappuccino?" And I cover he bottle of coffee.

"Yes" and I face turn to Mom.

"I already make a black cappuccino" and I put back the spoon on the case and head to where the coffee maker was.

"Thanks Mom" when I turn on the button of the coffee maker to pour down the black cappuccino into the cup.

"How about you? Your not hungry? I made earlier a creme brûlée" where Mom wash her cup she used.

"Really!? Maybe later" when I get a small plate to put the cup above there.

"Who's your visitor?" Were Mom put her wash cup into the cup cabinet.

"It's Mr. *******" then I head back to the living room and serve this to Jake.

At the living room..

"Hey, did I wait you too long?" And I serve the black cappuccino.

"No, it's alright" were he might just done send a message and keep his phone on his pocket while I head and sit on the single couch where facing on him.

"I think you're the one who will pick me up here, right!?" Were Jake was taking a sip of his black cappuccino.

Jake sip more of cup of black cappuccino.

"Yes" Jake answer after he sip again a bit of black cappuccino.

"About here on this brown envelope I brought, was your things needed to go there like passport, which we search and saw on your social media account, the I.D, your room number on the apartment, and others, and forget to bring this with you" Jake explains of what's inside the brown envelope.

"One more thing, we use another phone for the job so do please buy a SIM card for it" Jake adds and sip his cup of black cappuccino.

"I already have that for" when Jake finishes drink of his cup of black cappuccino.

"That's good" Jake says when he put the cup on the table.

"One last thing is we will flight tomorrow 9am in the morning, so pack your things later and see you tomorrow" and he stands and fix himself to leave.

"Alright and thank you" as I stand too to take lead of his leaving.

"Thank you for the cappuccino and for entertain me" we're we just about to step out of the house.

"Your welcome" when I'm closing the door.

"Are you single Miss Larry?" Is that out of the blue question or he intently ask me?! When he face me.

"Yes and why?" As we're heading to the gate.

"Never mind, so see you tomorrow and I'll pick you up here at 8am sharp" when I open the gate.

"See you tom-" where Jake kiss me on the lips that made me stop of what I'm about to say. It takes 5 seconds before he broke the kiss on me.

"W-why you kiss me?" As I got stammered.

"I was tempted and my body just move into you, hehe" when he keep a bit distance.

"Are you laughing?" When he about to step out of the gate.

"I'm just smiling because you stammered after I kissed you" then he step out now to the gate.

"Bye Mr. ******* and see you tomorrow" and I've close the gate.

"Bye Miss Larry, haha" so he's laughing again at me and how dare he kiss me!?

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[vroomm, vroomm]sound of a car where it start to leave.

[diinng, diinng]

Is he back? Maybe not and might be another visitor. Then I open the gate.

"Yu-Yuri!?" As I saw him outside of our gate.

Until he kiss me too suddenly and grab me with bit of strong until my body touch on his.

And the way he kiss me was bit aggressive then he stop.

"Why did you that? And why you're here? Would you let me go!!?" Because I feel his hot body which is hot, not a compliment.

"I want to see you, and I'm jealous and I don't want to" he explains where we talk that we almost we smell the breath of each other.

"Let me go!! Or else I'll kick your ass" if I can reach!? Haha.

My body was still touch to him and his hand was still on my back.

"You can't do that" like he knows!?😒 where he grab me again in a tight into him. And our face was almost an inch that I feel his breath.

"What's wrong with you?! I said let me go!! I have many things to do" like I whisper when I'm talking because if I talk bit loud, we'll be kissing again.

"I said I don't want to and I badly miss you" he whisper and the smell of his breath is like candy.

"Really!?" Where my right eyebrow got up which that's my expression.

"I know your still mad at me and that's why you don't believe me, and you will message or chat him?! Is that the many things you will do?!" He's mad now?!

"Why would I get mad at you?! You're the one who's mad at me because you block me, right!? And the reason is her!! So don't turn the situation on me!! And why would I tell you if what things I must to do?!" Then he keep silent after.

"So let me go and don't question me like you care!!" And he lift his left hand slowly which on my back to let me go.

"By the way, who is her to you? And what I am to you?" Before I close the gate.

"I do care for you and I know you know that! She's just a friend to me ok!? And you're the one I love" a few minute after before he answer and right when I'm about to close the gate.

"Haha, I don't think so, Yuri" then I'm closing the gate when stops the gate to be close.

"Alright if you want a prove that I loved you then I'll unblock you now" is that how he analyze of what I said!?

"Do you think that I just it?!?, I think you don't understand, you know!? Your stupid!! That your obeying of what her said to you though you don't love her, don't you!?" And I certainly close the gate before he might push again the gate. Were I headed to the house.

At the house..

"When you will flight?" Mom ask as I enter back.

"Tomorrow at 9am in the morning" I answered and get the cup and small plate where Jake used.

"Keep this envelope now and I'll wash that dishes" as Mom lend the envelope to me and I give the cup and small plate to her.

"Thanks" and I head to the bedroom and pack things up of what I needed.

At the bedroom..

But before I pack some clothes and others, I need to keep and pack first the envelope on the luggage. Ally needs to know this too because he's the first guy I've been close to.



To: Ally

Hi and good evening, how are you?



At the closet..

How many clothes should I bring?

[ziimm, ziimm]



From: Ally

Hello and good evening too, I'm quiet busy today, how about you? How are you? When you will flight?


I think I bring 7 clothes.



To: Ally

I'm fine and my flight will be tomorrow 9am but I'm keep in touch at weekends.



7 is!!.

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