598 Cultivating the Fiendcelestial Force

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"So fast?" Immortal Emperor Samsara was stunned and asked in surprise.

Han Jue had only left for less than three breaths of time. Was it so fast?

Han Jue said calmly, "To Sages, an instant is an eternity."

Immortal Emperor Samsara did not understand but felt that it was impressive.

Before jumping into the black vortex of the Invocation Technique, Han Jue said, "The Reincarnation Space is the plan of a Sage. Think about it more and don't lose your life."

Immortal Emperor Samsara looked as the black vortex shrank. He was suddenly touched.

With Han Jue's identity, there was no need to say these words to rope him in, because there was a Sage driving him to do his best.

Han Jue said this because of the kindness from his childhood.

Immortal Emperor Samsara took a deep breath and adjusted his emotions. His gaze passed through the hall and saw the entire Earth Immortal World.

He wanted to swallow all of this!


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