3 Chapter 4, The Destination

After a long week of hard labour Prince Jack and Princess Gem were finally on their way to The Great Kingdom Of Sieda.

Your Parents must be worried about you Princess . Prince Jack stated , l know but l won't go back home until l complete my mission of going to TGKS. Princess Gem Stated. Oh wow you said The Great Kingdom Of Sieda in short ,well that's impressive . l know Prince Jack .

Princess Gem

I'm so tired , are we about to reach The palace. Yes Princess we are almost there , Prince Jack stated. Don't call me Princess when we are alone, it's annoying . Ok then Gem , let's both call each other by our names without saying Prince or princess. Before we even knew it ,we reached the palace ,it was very huge with lots of flowers and an amazing waterfall ,we still didn't enter ,l was just piping through the big gate of the palace which was made of pure gold .


Prince Jack is back ,go tell his mother the Queen and his dad the king . And who is this Prince Jack ,is she your girlfriend. No Nathan ,l interrupted Jack and said you mean Prince Nathan . Whatever Prince Nathan ,this here is Princess Gem Aunt Rosie's daughter. Prince Jack stated . What this is Aunt Rosie's daughter , that means she is our cousin. Nice to meet you Princess Gem , I'm Prince Nathan ,this weirdo Jack's Younger brother , Princess Gem happily hugged me and said it is nice to meet you too little cousin.

Princess Gem

While me and my cousins where walking towards the palace l couldn't help myself but to ask them a question. Guys ,if Our Grandpa is still alive then why is your dad the king of The Great Kingdom Of Sieda. Oh sorry ,l forgot to tell you that Grandpa sadly died two weeks ago due to a heart attack . Prince Jack sadly stated. What .....? he died before l could even see him , l stated while crying. Calm down Gem , Jack softly stated.

We reached the palace and l saw a man with hair that reached his shoulders ,he had blue eyes and when he smiled his bunny teeth were as white as snow and the thing that caught my attention was clearly his crown ,l immediately fingered out that he was my uncle Nick, The King of The Great Kingdom Of Sieda. He reached out his hand to me and said what's your name dear, l answered saying l'm Princess Gem the Princess of the kingdom of Saama.

King Nick

Are you my niece ,the daughter of Queen Rosie . Yes King l'm your niece , Princess Gem stated . How is your mother , l hope she gave you permission to come here . My mother is fine and yes she gave me permission to come here. Ok then your welcome to The Great kingdom Of Sieda , please feel at home .

Princess Gem

All of the sudden l saw two girls running down the stairs ,they were identical twins but the other one was a bit shorter , she had a slim figure and had red hair yet the other one was taller , she was a bit curvy and had brown hair but both had brown eyes and a box smile. Wow dad ,who is this beautiful girl with green eyes ,very long hair and a model like figure .One of the twins stated.

Prince Nathan

This is our cousin , our aunt Rosie's daughter .

She is Princess Gem , come on now introduce yourselves to her. these are my elder sisters after my brother Prince Jack ,the one with brown hair is Army and the one with red hair is Ocean.

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