19 Chapter 20, Back in TKOS

Back in the Kingdom Of Saama;

Prince Jaden:

"Mother , did you find out where Gemy is ?

No Prince , l still don't know where your sister is but l have a feeling that she might be at my maternal home (The Great Kingdom Of Sieda).

I will have to go there as soon as possible.

Okay then Mother, l will accompany you to The Great Kingdom Of Sieda. I want my sister to be there with me at my coronation . Hmm your right but Gem also has to come and see your dad cause l'm afraid that he won't be with us for long . My Mother said while shading tears .

Mother ! ,don't say such things and don't worry , Father is a worrier and he won't give up so easily . Nothing will happen to Father. I said and while hugging my Mother .

Greetings ! Queen Mother . Miranda The Future Teller Of Saama has called for you , His Highness The King is even there already but she says that she wants to tell both you and The King something very important . The palace maid stated .

Thank you for the message , you may now leave .

Miranda The Future Teller Of Saama :

Greetings ! My King . Greetings Miranda , so what brings you here yet again. King Abel asked . My King l came here to see how you were doing , because l hard that you were ill and so l came to tell you the cure to the illness you have .

What is the cure to the illness that I'm having Miranda ? Please Pardon me my king , l would like you to be patient cause l came here with the intention of telling both You and The Queen , so let's wait for the Queen's arrival , first.

Ohh my Queen , your finally here . Greetings !

Greetings Miranda ! The Queen answered.

So now that the Queen is here , l can tell you the cure to the King's illness. The cure is Zhool Be Gelba Ta Dahav it's Arabic to mean thy with the heart of gold . So who is thy with the heart of gold. Queen Mable asked.

That's a very nice question my Queen . It's no other than your daughter Princess Gem.

What !!! I will never let Gem come back to the Kingdom Of Saama , Let alone ask for her help

. The King angrily said .

My King , it's either you let Princess Gem help you or you will lose your life .

Okay then , if there are other solutions then

I rather die . But before that , Prince Jaden has to become King so Queen Mable prepare for the coronation because it's happening tomorrow . said King Abel.

But Your highness , please think about it , this Kingdom still needs , l still need you. Queen Mable said while crying.

"I've made up my mind Queen, so please do as l instructed . King Abel commanded.

Miranda you may now leave .

I will take your leave Your Highness , Good day.

Queen Mable :

My King, is this how your going to die . Do you think that Jaden will manage all the........... responsibilities of the Kingdom? What do you mean by that?,... Ofcourse Prince Jaden will manage all the responsibilities of the Kingdom. Do l have to remind you that he is Twenty six years old ? . King Abel stated

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