1 Best smile while crying..

"Oh my god..Oh my god...I got my joining letter...oh my god..mummyyyyyyyy....I finally received my joining letter!!!!"....she exclaimed. While clutching phone which was showing her offer letter mail like it was her new one and only life savior she ran inside house and without for her rain soaked clothes she hugged her mother while crying happily.

she was sooo happy that she didn't even realised shocked expression on her mother's face. she was happily saying those lines again and again.."Finally I received my joining letter..ohh god..thank you alot.. finally I go it..!!"

she finally let go of her mother and started jumping up and down crying with biggest smile on her face. Her mother was also getting tears in her eyes by now. She have never seen her daughter in such mixed emotional state.She was so shocked that she didn't even heard what her daughter was saying and dancing around about. But she kept watching her daughter in high spirited mode finally understanding reason behind her daughter's happiness.

After some moments of happy dancing, she suddenly sat on floor crying uncontrollably. Her mother came forward to hold her saying, "don't cry, dear..You received your letter finally... it's what you made you so upset because you were waiting for it from last 5 months..now you got it finally...then why crying like this now..stop now..sshhh..calm down..!"

Finally she calmed down and gave her mother her best smile. She was having no words to describe her happiness so she just kept smiling and laughing remembering her stupid reactions while ago. She got freshen up and rushed to nearby mobile recharge shop as she had to tell this news to her other family members. On the way, she was hopping and happily humming , thanking God every now and then with having all new dreams for her future.

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