2 6 Days to go...

After she reached the shop, she excitedly told shopkeeper about her letter offering him one of the sweets she bought for celebration. Then she bought all required stuff and headed back home. Then she called one of the most important person of her life.

"Hello taai(elder sister), I received my joining letter..!!!! just now..??...yeah..hmm....(....)....I am soo happy..what??(..)....yes..It's in 6 days only.. I have to report to office in city M...come home soon..we have lots of packing to do..cya..bye..!!"

Finally after she told every concerned persons about it, she felt happiness of dream come true.. she started with all basic preparations for her packing.

in evening, when she heard noise of engine of her sister's bike, she ran towards gate to open it with big smile while jumping to hear words from her sisters. They all celebrated her new job with her favourite dishes made for dinner.

When she lied on her bed that night, she recalled the times when her father used to celebrate her small small Happy moments..like coming first in 4th standard, getting prize in Drawing competition..."Dad!!!" she said looking at brightest star from her bedside window.."I wish you were here today with me"... praising me..telling me that you are proud of me...She felt hot tears rolling from corners of her eyes.."Dad, you are proud of me, right?" she said again to the brightest star....and then she closed her eyes imagining her father hugging her..and she doozed off to sleep..

That night she slept as she fullfilled one of her life's biggest dreams..'to be financially helpful to her family...JUST LIKE SHE PROMISED TO HER DAD AFTER HIS DEATH...'