Too Close to Be Yours
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Too Close to Be Yours


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What is Too Close to Be Yours

Too Close to Be Yours is a popular web novel written by the author KAINAT ZAHOOR, covering Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 66.8K readers with an average rating of 4.95/5 and 20 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 23 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Everyone has scars, pasts, and painful realities that they are fighting for deep down within themselves. But sometimes pain is never enough and there come moments when you just can't stand the universe. After six years of constant failure, consistent trying, and disappointment, Claire was hopeless when it came to finding Markus. Devoted her youth in just one task yet became one of the successful personality of the business world. Always void of emotions and only one person she ever had as a family, she never lived her life. But things started to get excited when Ryan came barging into her life with only being 20 minutes late. It's the story of two completely different souls, hunting through the stages of love, bickering, and painful pasts, only to crave for each other. A story that held two souls too close to each other yet so far from each other. But will Claire ever be able to love someone after Scarlett and Markus? Can she ever face Ryan with her truth? What that truth even was? But the real question was that how much could Ryan actually take? And what if someone endangers their lives when love becomes inevitable? **************

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Each of these characters are so well developed with their own philosophies. It makes things more interesting as the story develops later on.


I love reading romance novels...The synopsis caught my attention to read further...I loved how the author portrayed each character especially Ryan...Looking forward to reading more chapters...I highly recommend everyone to read this book...Excellent work, Author!


Well... When romance makes you shuffle at your place and giggles makes you seem stupid, that's how this book makes you feel. An amazing love story, just a random one, but the thing big and different about it was that it was way more complicated than the others. Ahhhhhhh... It's truly hard to control spoilers though 😜😂 Dive in to know more if you hate me already 😂😂😂😂😂


The synopsis just alread blew me away.The characters have been structured perfectly. Its such a great book, I love what the writer is doing with the story. Big up to the writer.[img=recommend]


Amazing book, and kudos to the writer. The plot, the personalities, the description; everything, beautiful.... I recommend this book....I also ask to support the writer as well.


An amazing book. Even the plot itself is so intruiging. I love how the book and each character develops so beautifully. Each character has their own story to tell and their story is something that makes us love this book more. For romance readers who love just as much thrill, I would totally recommend this book to all you guys.


First reviewer! 😍 This book is amazing in all ways, the description, the plotline, the characters, and of course, our Ryan 😂. I like how their story begins with just being 20 minutes late. I love the character of Claire sooo much❤ Good luck with your journey here! I wish you all the best Kainat!!!! ✨


A hidden gem among many diamonds, the sweet taste of romance so early in the morning had me gripping for as I read through each chapter, the author has done a great job putting the story together and I loved the flow of energies between each characters. Great work author 👍


It is one of those books where the synopsis intrigues you enough to want to know more about the execution of it all. It promises of an interesting plot and I am glad I read on the novel, it did not disappoint. truly a gem!


this is so entertaining and catching. u want to know what's going to come next while not wanting to leave what you're already reading. amazing story


Awesome book! Ryan has my heart ❤️ i love the way the author has described every thing to such perfection, i absolutely loved ans enjoyed reading 💕❤️👍


Got to know about this book through The last sunset. Both works are spectacular and incredibly written. The chapters are so well explained. The development of all the characters is amazing. I love how each character has their own views at the start of this book. Well written, Good Job author and I cheer and am.looking forward to many more incredible chapters.


I love the unique sense of style to this story. I've not really seen anything like it. Some wise set of words. The author did an excellent job.


In general, I am not much into reading romance novels, but when one catches my attention I read it until I finish, and let me tell you the author that your book was one of them. A very interesting plot and characters that are easy to empathize with. Keep it up author :D


Just like everyone, I love love, and this book is going to do justice to love. From the unique characters, it promises beautiful love and I will journey with them.


Well written. Beautiful storyline that develops well throughout the chapters and the picture created is undeniably beautiful. Great use of words that complement the subject of the story as a whole.


amazing work! the descriptions and characters were absolutely perfectly kept on. It had its own story and concept of developing the characters. keep up the good work, author!


Such an interesting book.The synopsis especially is very catching. I can't stop reading especially for someone like me that love romantic stories.


I Love how The author shows us each character’s thinking at the beginning. The story develops Slowly, I love that it keeps the readers wanting to know more. Well done to the author keep going.


And then, with every change that this book entailed... I followed it like an enchanted troll. Loved the way Ryan got better and Claire fell hard for the emotion she feared. Love YOU as well!


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