1 My life

Sorry wer'e just friends,

okay, I get it, bye.

That was my tenth rejection from a Girl I like,

no one loves me, not even my only last family

Because their busy saying that I'm ugly, broke,

and just stupid. I ignore them, the dark is my

only friend, The darkness can't insult you

neither can it call you stupid, and I think I'm

pretty handsome, I have white hair and pale

skin and workout in the gym 10 hour a week

I'm just too damn tall, I'm 6'2 and a half.

Son your'e Wasting your time, your 16 and

have no job. No wonder we adopted a basterd

Yes I am adopted, and I'm lonely, the only

reason they adopted me was to be their money maker, so I will always be broke then live like shit, my life sucks. might as well just run away.

My name is, Marcus. and I'm running away from reality.....

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