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What is tom's amazing adventures

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this comic contains two main characters that is saga a 20 year old boy who is ask by his mom lily to look after his cousin lacy an 18 year old girl as she needs to go to office and finish her work till 11 o' clock. saga is a tough guy who does not like to listen other's words and loves to do things on his way but he gets humiliated by his cousin, often getting into trouble and irritating or awkward moment in the shopping mall where lacy drags him in. lacy has a tendency to cause trouble to him all the time. she is a restless monster who likes to trouble saga all time. but one day unfortunately lacy gets in danger, being chase after by some street gangs when she tries to prank on saga by running away from home and hiding somewhere in the corner of the street. when saga finds out she is not at home he immediately goes to look for her as he is about to go another area of the street he finds her running towards him panic and terrified and exhausted of running too much. then saga saves her. he holds her in his arm and says "don't worry I'm with you, you're safe here". lacy not knowing what to respond, she hardly able to thank him. as both of them reach home, lacy finds out that saga us injured she treats his wounds and says,"i'm sorry for causing you so much trouble!" tears drops from her eyes looking up at saga. but saga says"its okay, i'm sorry for being rude and harsh with you!" then both of them hug each other and smiled for the first time at each other. then both of comes closer with each other. then saga's mom comes home and ask both of them" how was your day both of you? i think both of you spend a good time. well I'm hungry, i'll set up the dinner now. both of you, are you hungry?" saga replies" yeah of we are hungry." again lacy replies " yeah we're hungry." well after dinner saga says " good night lacy" lacy replies back"you too saga."and goes to sleep. in the morning when lacy wakes up she finds that saga was staring at her and smiling. she gets shocked and tries to yell but saga closes her mouth and says" you're such a nerve. don't scream." then he releases her mouth as she stop to yell. both of them got ready to go out for lunch. they enjoys the scene of the beautiful scenery of the mountains and small sweet valleys. they returns home. suddenly lacy has to go her home for her studies back to school work. but saga feels sad that he does not want her to go. he says " i'll go and stay with you and study together." finally his mom agrees to let him stay with her because she feels that her son saga is in love with lacy so it was better to let both of them stay together. well as both of them goes where lacy had to go. both of them takes a rent house and starts to live and study together. in this matter, how the boy wanted to show her his love for her he tends to give her a gift with full of roses and lilies. the guy he sets a date to propose and reveal his love to her on valentines day. even the girl thinks to gift saga a beautiful wristband and a nice jacket with his and her name written on it. both of them sees each other being shy to say it out and give the gift to each other. saga unfortunately gets his pants torn while coming from the fences jumping and trying to show his ability. lacy laughs rolling on the floor. but unfortunate with the girl. while she was laughing at saga her gown was also torn over the chest area. then saga also started laughing at her. then she also began to laugh at him both of them laughs each other. and then both of them gets engaged with each other and stays at their rent house for weeks and came back to saga's home after their study and says that they both did their best and completed their studies and now they are planning to look for job and get married. being so happy and excited his mom, saga's mom hugs both of them saying," i can't wait to see both of you getting married. she plans how to set a date of wedding. after two weeks both saga and lacy gets job. after three-year gets married.

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