Tokyo Lights Book

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Tokyo Lights


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The led lights of Mitsu's room changed their colors simultaneously; purple, blue, red, green, yellow. Each color gave a different shade to Mitsu's eyes. As nervous as always but with more courage than ever, Alex placed a lock of his hair behind his ear, which made the boy smile. Both of their hearts were pounding and increasing their rate, but none of them did or say anything. They stared at each other, while Mitsu's music continued to play on the background. Alex brought his cigarette closer to Mitsu's lips, as he was resting his head on his lap, and he took a deep drag, closing their eyes with infinite calm. Alex' felt his heart clenching. He didn't feel real. This feelings couldn't be real. This feelings belonged to a movie, or an anime. The lights changed again. It's like they weren't even here, in this world, in this city. It felt like falling in love in a dark bedroom, just slightly lightened by the lights of Tokyo city.