1 Prologue

Rain patted against the blood-drenched ground as a car pulled up to the scene of yet another mass ghoul slaughter.

The two front doors flung open and out stepped two young men in long grey coats with a bag at their side.

"Shit!" The shorter one exclaimed, raising his hand to cover his mouth.

The taller one chuckled, " You'll get used to it, Hayashi-san."

"I really do hope so." Hayashi said as he lent against the car.

The tall man patted him on the back before approaching the gory scene, a recorder in hand.

"Five dead Ghouls, three adults and two children." he bent down and began inspecting the Ghouls' tattered clothing.

"Most likely attacked by a Kokaku wielder." he grimaced as he saw one of the children with her face torn off.

Moving the recorder back up to his mouth he continued, "Evident cannibalism on the victims' bodies."

Seeing the girl's face Hayashi bent over and emptied his stomach onto the car's wheel.

"Damn it, Hayashi," the taller one swore, "you'll clean that when we get back."

"Of course sir." the pale young man said, wiping his mouth.

Sighing, the slightly older man was about to turn back to the slaughter when he saw movement out of the corner of his eye.


The young man's eyes widened and he quickly jumped out of the way.

His feet had just left the ground when a long spike passed through the space he had just been in.

Out of instinct the older investigator quickly pressed the button on his bag, transforming it into a long spear.

He spun around, his weapon extended to slice anything to close.

The man grimaced as he saw the ghoul standing only a few metres away from him.

Both of them didn't move, awaiting the other's next attack.

Feeling Hayashi move up next to him, the man quickly spoke, "A Class, Fang, known for his unpredictable tactics."

Hayashi nodded, "I understand."

The older investigator was about to give the order to attack when the ghoul spun around and fled.

"After him!"

Hayashi's eyes widened and he quickly sprinted into the alley, after his superior.

The older investigator glanced behind himself and saw the distance between him and the younger man widen.

"Pick up the pace or we'll lose him!"

Hayashi nodded, "Yes sir!"

They soon left the alley and just saw the ghoul disappear around a corner.

Cursing, the investigators ran after him, their Quinques back in their bag forms.

Running down another alley, they hear a cackle from up ahead, "YOU'RE DEAD LITTLE GIRL!"

Hayashi cursed, and they both sped around the corner ahead.

Both their eyes widened as they saw the ghoul plummet towards a young woman, a big smile on his face.

It happened in an instant, one moment she was about to be eaten and in the next, the ghoul had been smashed into the alley wall.

"Second class investigator Tachibana, I expected better of you." the woman said, as her long black cloak flapped about her.

Shaking himself, Tachibana quickly bowed, "Of course Ma'am."

The woman's eyes moved to the younger man behind him, "This must be the new recruit I've heard about."

The man's eyes widened and he quickly bowed as well, "Third class Investigator Ryohei Hayashi, at your service."

Chuckling the woman strode towards him, letting the ghoul fall off her golden gauntlets.

Reaching the young man she extended a hand, "Welcome to the team, Hayashi-san."

The man smiled and took it, the cold metal chilling like her indigo eyes, "Thank you."

Grinning, the woman grabbed onto Hayashi's shoulder, "You know you'll have to earn yourself that rank, no one here will respect you till you do."

She then spun around her short black hair waving in the wind and began walking out of the alley, "Well you better get back to base that paperwork won't do itself."

For a few seconds, Hayashi stood there in a stupor watching the woman retreating back.

"Yeah, that's how most of us reacted when we first met her." Tachibana said, patting him on the shoulder.

Hayashi blinked, "Is she who I think she is?"

Laughing Tachibana began walking back towards the place they had left their car, "Yeah, she's the one overseeing the 14th ward, the CCG's fallen Angel, special class investigator Izanami Washuu."


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