2 Chapter 2. (Have A Great Day/Night!)

Izuku POV:

As I ran out the door and down the stairs (carefully) and got to the bottom once I did that I quickly took a breath and ran to the train station while I was running I accidentally bumped into kacchan then fell back onto my bottom and winced in pain I look up in shock and fear it managed to stutter out "K-K-K-KACCHAN!?" he seemed taken aback once I said his childhood nickname that I gave him then he turned around and glared at me. if looks could kill I'd be deeper than 6 ft...

Kacchan POV:

fan-fucking-tastic the damn Deku had to bump into me again ugh! when will he leave me alone!? I glared at him in a deadly way and watched as he got up quickly and dashed to the train station the moment I saw this I yelled while chasing him "GET BACK YOU FUCKING DEKU!!!"

Izuku POV:

"GET BACK HERE YOU FUCKING DEKU!!!" as I looked behind me and to my horror I saw Kacchan chasing after me as fast as he could and sped up some more until I made it to the train station after a while I cought my breath while trying to hide from Kacchan behind the vending machine.... "Midoriya?"