8 Sushi for dinner.

I set the trey of sushi down on my desk, We both sit down and get out our chopsticks. I reach over and take the salmon roll, And plop it in my mouth. I start to chew, And look over at Todoroki who is chewing his sushi roll, And looking straight at me. We both look away. I start to blush hard. Why was he looking at me like that? Does he have feelings for me to? Can we really be something someday. Should I tel-. I get cut off by Todoroki. "Do you want to go somewhere after this?" He asks me. "U-um sure Todoroki." I say with a small smile. What does he want to do? Where will we go to? I think as I get my next piece of sushi. "Ok." He says and dips his tuna roll in soy sauce. "Where are we going to go?" I ask looking up at him. "It's a surprise." Todoroki says. He looks at me for a couple of seconds. He looks like he is lost in thought, But then he looks away from me. "What's wrong Todoroki?" I ask. He looks down at his sushi then back up at me. "Oh it's nothing." He says with a nervous look in his eyes. "Oh well ok." I say and smile at him and go back to the sushi. But he doesn't stop watching my eyes. He looks like he's trying to figure me out, or figure something out. I think as I look him in the eyes and scrunch my eyebrows. He immediately looks away from me. Is he blushing? I think as I look at him closely. A small bit of pink runs through his cheeks then goes away. I smile to myself and go back to my tuna roll. We fish our sushi, and I go to get the Mochi. I sit back down in my seat with the small box of Mochi. "What flavor did we get?" I ask looking at the box. I open the box and see the green Mochi balls. "Oh it's green tea! I love that flavor." I say with a grin. Todoroki chuckles and takes one out for himself. We bite into the chewy Mochi.

I take the last bite of my Mochi. And wipe my face. "Ready to go Izuku?" Todoroki asks getting his jacket. "Yeah! Give me a second." I say and turn to get my jacket and phone. We walk to the front door of my apartment. "Bye mom we are going out for a bit." I tell to her. "bye sweetie. Have fun izu." She says from the other room. I open the door and we walk out into the beautiful night.

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