1 Problems

I always felt if there was something wrong with me. If it was the fact I never slept, or I had breakdowns during class, or I always bled weird black stuff whenever I cut myself (which was a lot.) On top of that my parents were hardly ever there so I practically raised myself. I didn't have any friends growing up and relied mostly on books and raising fish in my pond for entertainment. I did rather bad in school because of my breakdowns. I took a lot of medication so I never attended any school camps because I hate other people touching my pills, tablets, needles, and bottles. One particular day during a history class we were discussing world wars, I suddenly felt a sharp pain back and blood as I called it dripped out of my mouth I coughed and the black liquid splattered everywhere. The people around me screamed and my teacher fainted. I was badly injured I could tell just then everything went blurry.

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