1 It’s time

Walking down the road, alone and it feels cold. I wonder, how many times is it that I had this dream? Oh well..

A dark sky and full moon, looks romantic but for me it looks lonely. I keep walking, knowing that the final destination is just around the corner. But I delay my steps, hoping I could escape yet still hoping to see him again. Like this, just like in the past.

Leaves rustle in a sleepy haze, winds whistle by in a lullaby and I walk... and then I see him and..also me. It's ugly to see how I cry so desperately, lil' me, only 6 years old. Too small to understand why I've been left alone again in this empty world but not small enough to be ignorant to the feelings. And there you are, in all your 116cm glory. Holding me like you have the strength to bear all my pain, promising me worlds of happiness with bravery, even though you cry when you fall and scratch your hands still.

12 years have passed, yet I still dream of you. Dream of our beginnings and promises. You promised that you'll stay beside me, it was you- so take responsibility!

Though it feels like I'm the one clinging on. A decade's gone yet it's still not enough. With you I can spend my lifetime. So let me will you?

Though It's time.

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