1 Chapter 1

Thump. Thump. Thump

I can literally hear my heart beating through my chest. How did I enter this situation, I don't know, the only thing my brain is focused on right now is on getting out of here aliveThump. Thump. Thump

I can literally hear my heart beating through my chest. How did I enter this situation, I don't know, the only thing my brain is focused on right now is on getting out of here alive. I'm running, from what, I don't know either, this is a fight or flight situation and right now my body is tuned to flight. I took a left turn and tripped over a bar spraining my ankle. Seriously, can't people take better care of their trash.


Oh come on, come on can't my legs go any faster.

"G34 to G36 over, I need backup over here, I have three hostiles on my tail"

"G36 to G34 over, coming in on your right in thirty seconds"

Yeah right, if I last till then. Think positive, think positive.

I bring out my gun and take one down two more to go, I turn into an alleyway.

Twenty seconds

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I turn right, jump over a dumpster and a scale over a fence.

Uh, who knew the Gama program would actually come in handy.

Ten seconds

I dodge a laser beam, ughh how on Earth did they get their hands on the tech, I'll have to take that one up with the commander later, I come out at the other end, ignoring the pain from my now throbbing ankle, I climb over the barricade blocking the way.

"G36 to G34 RTC coming in on your right now". It's about time.

Finally, I see the familiar beam from the Rapid Teleportation Center and without any second thoughts, I jumped right in.

I open my eyes and I see the command center of our spacecraft NOVA.

"G34 nice to see that you could make it"

I turned my head to where the voice came from and saw the Commander; Commander Tres.

"And what took you so long to send backup". I said if not screamed.

"I could have died down there".

"But you didn't, no?" he retorted with an amused expression on his face.

I looked up at him, he wasn't human, he was another species from the planet .... What was it called again, ahh planet ereras.  His most distinctive feature were his antenna protruding from his forehead and slightly greyish skin and of course his annoying sense of humor.

"Enough bickering you two, Silena, kindly tell us what you discovered". She says in a tone I can't decipher.

Ugh, another pain in the ass, Julin, the so called co - commander, the former co - commander went down in a mission, we filed a report to HQ, but we haven't gotten a new one yet, so Julin has found it her mission to have the position even though she isn't at the required level, and she just seems to hate my guts, she too is another species, but apart from her eyes which are red and purple, she looks completely human.

"I was able to gain Intel on the nearest hostile base, in sector 4331 Planet 28" I said replying her in the same sickeningly sweet tone she used for me.

"The hostiles have also joined forces with planets in sector 345, 65, 4331 and 899, what was used as a bargaining chip, I didn't find. "

"Well, that was useful" said Julin with a scowl on her face.

"It had better be, I risked my life going alone on this mission alone".

"And, commander lest I forget, the hostiles seem to have gotten their hands on some of the order's weapons, not sure where they got it from"

"Hmm, is that so, well I'll look that up with Dervan".

Dervan. The brains of the weapons department, he comes from a race of geniuses. One of the few decent people on the team.

Commander clasped his hands together,

"Okay, people get ready, looks like we just got ourselves a one way ticket to sector 4331". He announced in a cheery tone

Great. I thought, just what I need, another life threatening mission. Just great.

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