1 The Encounter.

TO SEE THE UNSEEN . Worry to been late Evaline run out of the cafe, like her morning routine she come here every morning for her coffee because the coffee here delicious, and for not paying to much attention where she's going she bumps on something or someone.

"Ouch oh no my coffee ":

"Are you Ok ? Hearing a voice and a hand lang to her ,she looks up and see a pair of Deep gray eyes looking at at her," they are beautiful" she thought" lost in those eyes she took the hand without thinking ,and in that moment she feels a uneasy feeling ,this feelings she tried so hard to forgot. Because she has a gift ,she can see the unseen, every time she touch people she can see the near future and take out the negative emotions in people have,she can even leave her body Sometimes, that's something she was born with. When she was little she couldn't control it and every time she touch people it happen for that people think she's crazy and weird, to help her parents send her to live with her grandfather in a old temple her grandfather gave her a necklace and said to not remove it if really necessary it was her grandmother's , she's the same has her grandmother' ,for her this gift is a curse because she's always along ,she had to do everything to ovoid touching people and wearing gloves everywhere she goes .

And today it's so she took of one of her gloves to touched her warm coffee and forgot to put it back ,she become dizzy by seen his near future and when she try to get up she falls down again,

"Woa hey there!". He catch her with his strong harms and helps her sit-down in a chair near by,

"Are feeling OK ? With worry eyes he pears to her face that makes her a little more uncomfortable . "I i I'm fine thank k y you" between breadth, Try to breadth slowly Ok ,Jo can you get me some water please ? "Yes right the way" trying to see to who he's talking to and she sees an a middle age man with a bottle of water. "Thank you ". by drinking some of water she feels a little better,

" better now "

" yes thanks"

:I really have to get out of here because he's going to think I'm weird , he's too famous for me to seen with him and I don't really want this much attention in my life , I want a peaceful normal life,

using some of his fans distraction

"'Hmm thanks for everything and sorry for the inconvenient bey,"

Saying this she walks away as quickly as she can

"Hey wait I don't know you're name"

But she's already gone and by looking where she went something cough his on the ground

"'Hmm what's this?

It's a ID and it says Evaline Heaven Librarian:.

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