351 Promises

After kissing a few more times, Linfeng finally let Xiong Zhi go.

With their faces just inched apart from each other, he smiled to her lovingly, "Come follow me, my sweet captive. This daring bandit has a little surprise for you." He held her hand, switched on the lights, and led her to his 'surprise'.

Xiong Zhi's eyes shone as she saw the room filled with LED candles and roses petals on the carpeted floor. According to her years of study about romance, she naturally has an idea of what this scene was for.

There was a look of shyness and anticipation in her eyes.

Was it the most awaited honeymoon?

Candles, rose petals, wine, light delicacies... then her eyes saw a mini-player and a speaker in the corner. And romantic music! This was clearly for honeymoon!

But where was the bed?

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