340 Helping Each Other

"How was it?" Lu Yin Ze asked.

"It costs 1 million Yuan."


Lu Yin Ze was stunned. Their friend would not even spare them.

"So did you pay for it?" Lu Yin Ze asked. Xiong Zhi was the heiress of Xiong. That was only like a few coins for her.

"Of course, I didn't. You should pay for it."



Xiong Zhi blinked. Was there something wrong with what she said?

"Alright." Lu Yin Ze transferred the sum to Gu Zhen's account. He did not question why this stingy Young Miss did not pay for it.

"Once the file is in our email, I will look into it," Xiong Zhi offered. They had been tracking down every file and business transactions in the flash drive in various databases. However, like they expected, the files were secured by those companies. 

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