335 Epilogue (II)

It was full of numbers and some names of companies.

What was this?

Then she spotted some familiar company names.

One of them was the CJ Company which had declared bankrupt a year ago. 

Her curiosity was piqued. She clicked the folder with the CJ Company on it.

Inside were documents containing various numerical figures, finances, and transactions.

But seeing the dates, figures, and places of transactions, Xiong Zhi's eyes slowly became serious.

These could not be more familiar.

If she was not involved in that case, she would not know much about the numerical figures or what kind of calculations it was pertaining to. 

These were the amounts of diamonds smuggled by CJ, and also the fake diamonds imported to CJ years ago. 

Xiong Zhi had seen enough. If this file she opened already gave her such a crucial list of secret transactions, how about the others?


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