1 Prologue:Them



Setting: unknown waters

Cold, freezing, water. All he felt was water. An icy feeling surging down his throat, trickling into his lunges.

'Breathe! Goddammit! Breathe!' He thought to himself as he sunk deeper into the dim darkness.

He commanded his lungs to do something that they couldn't. No matter how much they wanted to. All he could do was give into the pain. It's crazy to think that giving into pain would be so satisfying. He smiled as the last bit of air from his body escaped, but before he could fully close his eyes, he saw a bright light coming towards him. He passed out.


Setting: clearing by a cliff

"Please my love, you're the only one I love, the only one in my heart. I promise I'll treat you well. Please!" The man chased the girl.

'This is obviously a trap. No wonder he brought me out here.' the girl thought inside her head.

She swung around and slapped his hand before he was able to grab her arm, "Don't touch me! I'd rather die than be with you!"

The man backed her until she was close to the edge of the cliff. Her grey eyes looking at him in defeat. How could she believe that this would be anything else but him again. She thought that this would be a simple picnic with some friends. Little did she know, she was deceived once more by this horrible man.

Her father arranged a marriage between her and him. She was told that it was better for the family. Even though she wanted anything and everything but this, she was forced into a white dress and was taught the vows for the marriage. Vows she had no say in. She decided that she'd do whatever was best for the family.

The man she was supposed to marry, the one standing before her now, was nothing but charming, charismatic, handsome, but she wanted nothing to do with him. She knew of all the lives he had taken and to her he was the most disgusting thing to ever walk the earth.

On her wedding day, she let the priest say everything he needed to say. She was ready to sacrifice her own happiness for her family, but when it came for her to say "I do" she looked into her supposed to be husband's blue eyes and to her and everyone's surprise said "I...I do not." Then she made a run for it, pushing past the guards that stood by the church's entrance.

Her father scolded her for weeks before forgiving her. Well, not exactly forgiving her, but getting tired of screaming at her. He never truly forgave her. To him, though it seemed unreasonable, she would never be seen as a daughter in his eyes ever again.

After being rejected at his own wedding, the man decided that he would do everything in his power to make her his. She would be his and there wasn't anyone who would get in his way. He tried many times to convince her to be his wife. He went so far as to find his way into her home.

This all brings us to this day. He tricked the girl by sending a letter telling her that day was supposed to be a picnic with her friends. He just wanted her to show up. He just wanted to talk to her. He couldn't have possibly known what was going to happen next.

She gave him a cold stare as he wrapped his arms around her waist, "Now, my love, why don't we just back away and head back to my place. You can consider being my wife again." He smiled as he attempted to pull her in for a kiss.

She smiled and pushed him off of her, "I'd rather DIE than be with you! Doesn't that say something! Obviously I don't want to be your wife! My family hates me because of you!" She screamed at him before glancing over the edge of the cliff. "And so, I decided that I have nothing to live for."

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He tried to grab her, he tried to stop her, but it was too late. She had already jumped over. She already decided her death. He looked over the cliff to see her body fall into the ocean below. It was over. He fell back and crawled away from the edge while tears flowed down his face. He didn't mean for her to die!

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