1 How The Orphanage works

Hi my name is Zabimaru full name Zabimaru Hyak I am 7 years old and I live in the Phoenix nation in an orphanage that is in place of a small town called Samsin.

Although I don't know the exact details of my parents death I do know that they died when I was too young to remember and that they died because of the war between the great nations which are the Manticore, Dragon, Phoenix, and the Leviathan nations but due to the war demands the Dragon and Manticores war movements ceased because their lands were plagued with famine and destruction leaving them immobile army wise but staying in the war because of their pride.

The reason I know so much about the war is because our orphanage is going through a special program issued by the king. I don't know why the king would go out of his way to have some orphans be taught on knowledge and combat on a royals level anyway I have always wanted to be the best and the greatest cultivator that has ever been although everybody I know doesn't believe in me I believe in me and I think that's all that matters plus how can I not when I'm given all these tools to do so I believe it was destiny that my orphanage was chosen for this and that there is so much necessity's for cultivation here now

ok first things first before I cultivate I need a fixed schedule let's see here *pauses* * becomes visually distressed*

I can't believe this is happening why today out of all days I must done something bad like hit a puppy to have this type of bad luck

(calender reads)

*Monday* 1st day of second grade

Ok calm down Zabi lest see the time here see no reason to worry there's only three minutes left wait theres three fucking minutes left before I'm late!?! I can't make it and on the first day of school I'm going to get chewed out by the director why today out of all days I was making plans but now instead I'm going to get chewed out like little league baseball chew by the director for this I'm done for

*sudden confidence surges*

Wait no I'm not I've still got one trick up my sleeve one blue eyes white dragons one ace I can always rely on when I'm in a pickle and that is... hurry up and hope I get there on time!

*two minutes later*

*gasping for air* did I make it *teacher nods* oh ok so where do I sit down Misses?...

" It's Seosong Ms Seosong now take your seat Let's see here *looks at role sheet* Zabimaru? Hmm that name fits you"

"Yes ma'am thank you ma'am " oh yea I forgot to tell you that like every teacher here has a divine rod up their mythical twin mountains but it's only towards me like what but then again I am the weakest and I show no affinity for any cultivation elements so I do kinda understand I actually heard them talking about how They were gonna kick me out of the program which scares me *sad*?

Wait what were the cultivation elements again oh yea they are lightning, fire, water, darkness, earth, and holy I think?


Hey who did that? what the fuck was that for huh?

"*whispering* Shhhhh Zabi where were you? you were almost late for class on the first day" said kell

"Chill out I'm never late I even got a nickname for never being late you wanna know it" said Zabi

"You wanna know what usually I would say bull but this time tell me what do people call you instead of idiot Zabi"

"Alright you ready they call me *dramatic pause* yea I'm gonna be real I can't even think up a name right now"

"Well now I can officially say you have wasted my time 100 times thank you kindly Zabi" said Kell

"Wait why did u keep count?"said Zabi

"Well there's nothing better to do I mean I have no interest in being a cultivator and that's all they teach u how to do in this academy"said kell

" ha you sure sound fun *sarcastically*" said Zabi

"I'm sorry Zabi but can you tell me who has the highest and lowest affinity for cultivation and let me tell you this you don't have the highest" said Kell

Kell is my best friend *and also only friend* even though it's a lil one sided I love him to peace's but I just don't like how he attracts too much attention because of his abilities I mean he has more potential than any noble in our town and the next seventeen towns over and he doesn't see me as his friend just a talking buddy for one of our classes

"Oh yea Kell we'll guess what one day when I'm older I'm going to become the best cultivator in existence and then we'll see who's better then who we'll meet up at the orphanage and duel here 10 years from now" Zabi exclaimed pridefully

"Zabi! I will not have you ruining class in the beginning of the year and no back talk or by the gods I will wreck havoc upon you boy" said Ms Seosong

"*stands up scarily and tense*umm oh yea so-sorry ma'am it won't happen again" Zabi says nervously

*Class is over*

God damn I was getting tired of being so nervous in Ms Seosong's classroom hopefully she calls in sick and I never see her again

*gets tapped on the back*

"*whispers to himself*And here's something I don't miss about school hey Juzo how are you doing big guy u know you could've graduated last year but instead you stayed for me thank you that's heartwarming and all but I'm gonna kinda need to eat the lunch lady's disgusting war crime of a dish so I'll see ya when I see ya" said Zabi

"Sorry but u can't talk your way out of this beating" Juzo said with a smirk

"Fuck" said Zabi