To Color Your Life
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To Color Your Life


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What is To Color Your Life

Read To Color Your Life novel written by the author Anya_Nesh on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, modern, comedy, handsomemalelead, firstlove. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"If you are so worried about my fate, I will marry the first man I meet!" Emily hung up and muted the phone. The conversation with her grandmother was over. She turned around and bumped into the man behind her. "I agree!" the stranger declared with a joyous smile. "What do you agree to?" she did not understand. “What do you mean, what? If I understood everything correctly, you just promised your grandma that you would marry the first person you meet. And, I guess, that first person you meet happens to be me. So I agree. We can set a date. Although... why do we need a date? I agree to get married right now!" ... ... ... Emily Hayes is tired of her grandmother's endless attempts to find a husband for the girl. The last conversation with a persistent relative ended with Emily threatening to marry the first person she meets. But what should she do if that very “first comer” heard everything and now demands fulfillment of the promise? And if at the first meeting she refused him, then at the second it became much more difficult to do this. ... ... ... "Are you upset, Miss Hayes?” asked the man. “Oh, no. I just haven’t been feeling well lately.” “Did something happen at work? Is anybody offending you?” Evans' gaze became serious. Emily tried to hide her smirk. She lifted her head and looked at the boss with the most innocent eyes, “Mr. Evans, you can congratulate me. I happen to be pregnant!” The man choked on his drink and immediately changed his face. The temperature around him dropped by several degrees. “And who is the lucky father, Miss Hayes?” he asked, pressing his palm into fist, “Did your grandmother finally trapped you, and Kevin got his chance?” Emily’s inner dragon purred with satisfaction. She took her sweet time before answering, “You.” My other work on Webnovel: - Fragments of Time [FREE/COMPLETED]


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Hello dear readers, I am sure you will like this story for its light mood, lovely characters and funny moments. If you read my other work, Fragments of Time, you know that my male leads are great and female leads are smart and lovely. I don’t glorify rape and toxic relationship, I don’t write slow burns for hundreds of chapters and fillers with unnecessary words and repetitive. I try to depict the situations how they can be in real life, so if you notice some common features in the character with one of your friends - it means my job was done well. Thank you for your time. Stay safe and keep smiling. ^_^ 'To Color Your Life' can help with the latter for sure :D


This is one of the best books of Anya. It has amazing vibes , lovely characters , chapters that will uplift your mood . And a story of a normal girl entangled with a shameless boy. Your will definitely fall in love with the characters . From the chapter one to the end of the story there is nothing that will disappoint you. Chapters that will help you to relax from your boring routine life


I definitely recommend this book for reading, especially after a long hard working day. The sense of humor is fabulous! I am not a newbie in the genre of the contemporary romance and know how hard it is to stay unique in this probably one of the most widespread categories of novels. Reading this book I realize that Anya has a very unique way of writing that makes her books stand out. 100 % recommended!


To Color Your Life is not the first book of Anya Nesh that I am reading. This book has it all. Amazing well-planned main leads, awesome supplemental characters, a very intricate plot and most importantly, I love the writing style! I am not going to dive into this much here because I don't want to make my first review on this book seem like a spoiler. Just read for yourselves and you will understand what I mean. This book has clearly a unique writing style. Thanks, Anya, for a nice work! I will recommend it to my colleagues in the office. Will be fun to read it and further discuss it with colleagues.


I have recently started reading this story and I cannot stop. I love the main characters and how the plot is developing. Although from the first chapters I, like Emily, treated him with prejudice, but then my I was intrigued by his personality


I looooove this novel !! Guys, this book has such a great sense of humor! Please read it if you feel upset or sad or just not in a good mood. It will cheer you up 100 % !!! I definitely recommend it! In fact, I was sad today, and then read the last two chapters and my mood is over the moon!


An absolutely great read, for anyone looking for a fun, upbeat, action packed Romantic Comedy!! The depth of character development, makes this novel an absolute treat to read. As soon as I get a notification that a new chapter has been released, I put down whatever I am doing to follow along. This quite frankly has been a fun and exhilarating ride, that has had me so excited to be onboard that I don’t want the journey to end!! Another treasure in the making from this extremly talented author 😍.


This novel is fantastic! Full of lighthearted humour but still with drama to unfold. Both FL and ML are with flaws but strong in their own way. It will be interesting to read how their story progress.


I can't say how much I love reading this book! The characters are so brilliantly detalized! The dialogues are fun and interesting! But most of, the main female lead is so cool )


The most fabulous novel ever! If you are looking for a light reading in the evening, which will never keep you bored, be careful! You may not sleep at all, this thing will captivate you from the very first chapters!


Reveal spoiler


Li apenas alguns capítulos, mas já estou adorando. Torcendo para que esta historia continue interessante. :) rsrsrs estou muito viciada nessas historias. [img = recomendar]


One of the few favorites among the ones I had read on Webnovel so far. Comedy makes things better in most cases. It may still be too soon to rate but I’ll return. I think it’ll only be a better rating.


I couldn't stop reading this novel - it made me laugh (a lot), cry (a bit) and kept me occupied about what will happen next. With the author's writing style it is easy to visualise the story perfectly.


I truly recommend this novel. It has sincere sense of humor and smooth, pleasant plot. Even though I'm not used to the genre, I can tell the author is doing a great job. Well written, a real quality work!


Sory my English not so good but i believe this book is fantastik! I love everything in this book and more of all i love how the main hero is thinking to herself before she say something. love it!!!


This book is soooooooooooooo cool! I love everything! Heros, lines, the atmosphere! 5 stars for sure! I can't wait for more chapters to read!


Thanks you Anya for such an interesting book! It is so easy to read it. The dialogues are bright and captivating. Every chapter makes you want to know what's gonna happen next. Recommend to all.




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