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Hey there! This is the author here to tell you a bit about what this novella is meant to teach and some other little things. Friendship is something that's often overlooked. Most people have friends that they hang out with and share jokes with. This story is meant to delve deeper into what friendship truly is in its purest state. *STOP READING HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK YET (you can resume at the next caption)* Here's where Atlas comes in. He betrays Link's trust, and yet in the end, their friendship is not lost. This was the first scene I imagined when I came up with the idea for this story. It led me to think: what is friendship, really? Does it last forever? (Philip asks this question.) What makes up a true friendship? Obviously the story is not perfect. Nothing is, including what I believe friendships are. You can betray someone's trust, but what displays real friendship is if the two people ultimately come back together. Of course, I'm not telling any of you to have only very intimate relationships with other people. This tale, while short, is meant to display the power of friendship. *RESUME READING HERE* If you have fake friends that you're too scared to let go, know that I'm here for you. Wherever you are, it will be okay. Whoever you are, this story is for you. And if you're afraid and alone, friendless and without companions, know that there are people who care for you. Whether or not you believe it, it will always be true. And one day, I believe that you will find a friendship that's as unbreakable as Link and Atlas's. This story is for you. And for you who don't relate to this story but one day might. Keep shining. Don't let your light go out. People love you, and even in death, they always will. Remember that. I share with all of you this story of friendship. This, dear reader, is for you. (PS: Apologies for writing such a long letter! I needed to get my thoughts down.) [img=faceslap]


This is the second work I've read by this author, and I have to say that I'm even more impressed than I was with their last one! Obviously, they have grown a lot as a writer and probably spent a lot of time on this. The updates happened so quickly I'm pretty sure that this author wrote the whole thing beforehand, edited, and finally copied it all onto Webnovel. This novella is an emotional tale of the friendship between two boys, and there are also several important side characters. If you're looking for a long, long read (which I wasn't!) then this is STILL for you, even if it's short! It's a gripping story. Keep in mind that this story is a REALISTIC FICTION, which means that you can't expect it to move along as rapidly as adventure books, etc. Characters in these sorts of books need time to develop. They're delicate! In conclusion, I loved this book. What I was rooting for for the whole book didn't happen in the end, but I ended up loving the ending even more! But I don't want to say too much...I guess you'll have to read it yourself!


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Writing a second review, as today I found out that the author has added a new section to the book titled "Short Stories From the Past." I find this new volume to be very interesting, and I love seeing how things happened from the perspectives of other characters. As of right now, i think of the 3 bonus chapters posted, the number 3 one is my favourite. It gave me a whole new perspective to consider, and i found new sympathy for a character who I never cared for before. Keep up the great work, author! looking forward to reading more from you.


Really great book. I was lucky to stumble upon it. Originally, I was only going to read a few paragraphs, but I ended up reading the whole thing in one go. Realistic fiction isn't my favourite genre, but it's also not bad. I really like emotional books, and this one is it. I loved seeing Link (the main character)'s growth. The only thing I didn't give 5/5 for was world background. There wasn't much about the setting or the circumstances the characters were living in. I only knew that the story took place in Canada. BUT! This book isn't the kind of book that requires much world background. It focuses on the characters more, and I'm happy with that. All in all, awesome book. I recommend to anyone and everyone.