To Broke His Heart Book

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To Broke His Heart


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Laniee Cortes, a woman who is fixed to be the wife of Mr. Elter Guiveroes has a mission to accomplish. She is a Secret Agent Worldwide and one of her mission is to be the wife of the bad man named Elter Guiveroes, and billionaire and known as "King Of Illegals". He makes Illegals Transaction Worldwide and the task of the Secret Agent girl is to make Elter fall for her and then "To Broke His Heart" in just three months. Makakaya nya kayang ipagpalit ang kanyang tungkulin para lang sa lalaking napamahal na sakanya? Isasakripsyo nya ba ang kalhati ng puso nya para lang dito? Will be it worth it? Or not? Can she do her mission completely without even thinking twice?. . . Or not?


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