2 Funny how time flies

'Why is this so hard!' Kirishima wailed as he did another push up his number reaching 17. A week had passed since coming to terms and deciding to give his all to reach the top.

For the past week, his hair grew by 2 centimetres and he's been training in a relatively empty field, doing pushups squats, and situps.

"Twenty, Huff!" he got up and stretched and kicked off with a sprint around the neighbourhood while activating his hardening quirk on his legs and arms.

'I have to keep going! All this training will be worth it!' He repeated the same thoughts pumping his mighty spirit, 'I'll go even further beyond!'

"Haa!" He shouted going to a full sprint scaring the people around him.

'Everything hurts,' he wined but kept at it until his watch beeped 5km did he fall on the cool concrete, "I love you ground."

Moments later he got back up and went back home, "I'm back,"

"Welcome back son," his father greeted him from the couch.

"Alright morning cardio's done," he said stepping out of the shower he wouldn't start his boxing lessons until the next month.

He went right back out to a local pool with a quick change of clothing and an extra spare. There he would try as many laps as he could this wasn't detrimental to his training but something he didn't want to neglect so he took this training more like a hobby.


He smiled feeling the water hitting him, 'alright just going easy,' calm and concentrated he swam forward at a good pace at the same time his body hardening, it made him heavier requiring more stamina.

Only ten minutes and he deactivated his quirk. It was strenuous but it help in hardening his whole body.

'It progress,' he smirked clenching his fists, 'again.'

He spent the rest of the day swimming back and forth. Swimming and training to improve stamina and strength by the end of this month he was sure to become bulletproof.

Another week went but just like this one running laps, pushups, squats then target practise with the baseball machine no accidents of him getting hit in the privates and finishing it all with swimming proved to be helping.

"N-no way already!? Haha!" With a week left he reached his goal. Bulletproof!

He was standing in the field fully hardened he felt stronger and heavier but that was to be expected, in that state he set his watch and went for a light jog.

"Is this what pride feels like? Hehe, I like this," his mood only shone when timed himself and lasted for 20 minutes of being bulletproof.


[Mission: Reach level 1 hardening in one month. Grow excess hair like super Saiyan three to form shield lance or other tools with Harden. Take fighting classes, and take on swimming to improve stamina & breath.]

"It hasn't even been one month but I've already done it," he crossed out the mission, "complete, Hey! Mom dad come check this out!" He went downstairs eager to show them his results.

"Calm down honey what is it?" She asked leaning over the couch, his father was also interested in the news.

"Just watch," he took his shirt and dropped it before anyone could say anything the sound cracking echoed as Kirishima went bulletproof.

"Gasp, You did it! Rio are you seeing this!?" She shook her husband and climbed over the couch to touch Kirishima's armour, "It's like stone."

"Pretty cool right I'm calling this bulletproof."

"The only way I'm agreeing to that name is if we test it out," his father said and knocked on his face.

"You are not shooting bullets at my boy."

His father jerked under killing intent and nodded, "of course not! What kind of father am I now ahem, boy come with me and put on your shirt."


1 month had passed and 8 remained beside the usual today would be the first try at boxing, and then his karate lessons.

Before the lessons he went through the usual routine of light spring, and exercise in the morning which didn't take up much time as his boxing and Karate lessons are done.

For boxing, the lessons were simple not because it was hard but because he had prior experience with it in his past life.

He learned how to throw a proper punch and with his quirk which he notified the club about and the reason for his training they went a bit harder than they would on newcomers it helped in toughening his hardening.

Karate as well as learning proper combat along with the boxing lessons he aimed to adapt the two for his way of combat.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and as time flew by Eijiro was getting tougher harder closer to the entrance exam. All was well he was dedicated to his parents supporting him his father almost died after they went to shoot him in secret.

And the bullet bounced off so he can call it bulletproof, but not mom-proof because she tore into him. Time went by represented by his hair which reached halfway down to his back.


'Phew, that's enough sprinting for now,' he exhaled and turned.

"Eijiro?" A familiar cheerful voice called out to him, he didn't doubt who the voice belonged to.


"Ah! It is you! Your hair is so long and you look so different," she walked up to him sporting a green tracksuit, she brought her hand to his head and back down, "and taller too!"

"Oh I did?" he chuckled not realising, "how are you it's been a while..." he gave a weak smile.

She stepped back scrutinising the look on his face, before shrugging, "hehe decided to up my prep for UA, three months left till the entrance exam so I'm giving it my all!"

She stretched rolling her arms, "wanna race me?" She added with a winning smirk.

He chuckled much to her pouting and nodded, "I've been training for the past 6 months!"He patted his chest.

She laughed getting ready, "alright we race to the fourth light pole there, on your marks!"

"Get set!" He got ready.

As he was about to say go, she kicked off ahead of him, "GO!"

"Hey, that's not manly at all!" He followed behind her!

"Pft haha then catch up."

'Hmph,' despite that he kicked off and caught up to her, "well hello there," he grinned and ran past as she tried to keep up but ultimately he won.


"Pft whatever you had a head start anyway," she kicked the pole, "but you must be training hard huh what have you been doing?"

Rubbing his neck he nervously slimed, 'the past six months.'

His mind went through his exercises, him jumping through concrete, jumping five-story buildings, boxing, being hit in boxing and karate and swimming.

"You know normal stuff, cardio."

"Cool, well I'm gonna keep going, don't wanna keep you to myself all day So good luck Kirishima!" She gave a thumbs up!

He didn't argue honestly, he was tired, flashing a smile and fist-bumping they went ways.


Somewhere in an open field was a young man with long black hair it was in a similar style to super Saiyan 3 but black he used his hardening to keep it that way not too hard to become harp needled but to stay solid.

Nearly three months went by and now Eijiro was in his last week of training before the entrance exam. As nervous as he was from what he remembered he was meant to come in second.

As good as that is working harder, better and faster first place was going to be his.

"Ninety-eight... ninety-nine... one hundred!" he stood up his skin hardened like a rock he replaced his skin turned back to normal and his body steamed.

"Hard work pays off, that roughly three hours and a half."

Soon he bade it back home today his mom and dad went out on a date no doubt he wouldn't see them till tomorrow. So exhausted he collapsed on his bed.

"Wow," he fell in his chair and went to his desk pulling out his manly quirk manual and viewing the changes he made changes with each passing month.

[Manly Quirk Manual]

Quirk: Harden (The power to harden and sharpen the skin and parts of the body, causing the flesh to become jagged and rock-like) with each hit, its strength and durability increase.

>Harden (enhanced strength and speed) & Sharpen, Hand blades, claws. Hardening hair.

>Resistant to most physical trauma, burns electrocution, and acid but still feeling effects.

>Level 1: Bulletproof a full-body harden strong enough to take bullets & minor explosions head-on. Limit: 3 hours 30 minutes. [Further goal 4 hours straight]

>Level 2: Chivalrous knight! Further improved hardening to specific areas leaving gaps like knight's armour. Greater durability while sacrificing a little speed. [Could be possible more training required]

>Level 3: Red riot unbreakable. [Future goal]

"Hard work pays off!" He smiled at the poster of the Crimson riot filled with determination.

"Now to binge read some web novels," a habit that he grew interested in viewing the memories of his past life, and decided to carry with him to this one. Being too excited about the upcoming exam he barely slept that night.

"Ahn morning already? Man, I need to sleep," he yawned and went to sleep at 4 in the morning.

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