To Be An Assassin(Assassination Classroom) Book

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To Be An Assassin(Assassination Classroom)


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Class 3-E. That's where they put any student who has no future. And I've been put in it. Great. It's not like people assuming I won't get anywhere in life is new. I've always been hated. The black sheep of the family. But you see, it's not my fault. It's my family's fault. They say that babies need to grow up in a household full of love and support. Well my household was hell. I barely got any love and attention. Probably why I'm the way I am. Guess the universe hated me just as much as everybody else. But maybe, just maybe, if I do this, if I save earth, the world will finally be able to see me as more than a burden. All I have to do is kill my teacher. This is a fan fic that I created. It takes place in the Assassination Classroom anime universe. Assassination Classroom is another one of my favorite animes. I hope you like this story. Don't forget to check out my other story! It's called Soulmates(Bakugou x Reader).


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