1 The Young Man Sent From Above (Prologue)

A young lady dawning a plain white dress gracefully moved herself across the halls of a palace. The nearby glass panels displayed magnificent mountain ranges behind it that seemed to span for an eternity. A layer of fog hovered over some mountain peaks as giant, yet elegant animals could be seen roaming around.

Her steps were light, seemingly ethereal as she traveled without ever touching the ground.

She eventually stopped her steps and stood in front of a pair of large palace doors. With her back turned towards the scenery outside, she could hear a ferocious roar of a monster in the distant mountains.

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The young lady slowly inhaled and exhaled, calming herself.

She was going to meet with the young heir of the Azure Dynasty, rumored for his extremely profound cultivation and exceedingly good looks.

Her master had sent her to the lands of the Azure Dynasty on a journey to seek a challenge to improve her Sword Dao.

Along the way, she had not faced defeat, nor ever came close to it. All her battles were ended in a single move, or even less.

Just her mere presence would incite the fear. And yet someone like her was beginning to feel nervous before even meeting the person.

It was said that he was a man banished from the heavens, and that he did not belong in this world.

She shook her head, once again relapsing back into her proud, arrogant self.

No matter what she heard, rumors were simply rumors.

Her Dao would not falter in front of just anyone.

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