1 Chapter 1: Please Show Mercy Truck-Sama

There is a fine line between reality and fantasy, and that is: reality is boring as fuck!

At least it is for me. What is the point of living if you can't conjure a sword and jump up for 1km to turn flying angels into a kebab?

Or if you can't cast a forbidden spell with the blood of a virgin and heart of a ghoul and with a pinch of powdered saint bone to summon a succubus for your lonely nights? Or if you can't fucking level up! It's all boring.

That's why I, Michael Green, spent my whole life as a normal person. Maybe too normal. With medium paid job at a small company, typical body, cheap car. Don't let me even start with my sexual life!

As far as my love life went, I had couple of girlfriends but I couldn't find the One. (Sue me! I still believe in the One.)

So yeah, life was a bitch. But still, as long as fantasy novels and movies existed, there was hope!

Sadly there were always simple minded heroes in novels and movies that used to leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

In the worlds that many things are possible and people can be gods, they just rely on luck and fate. Well I don't say I am better than them or I have an iron will or a super genius mind, but using the available tools in correct ways are as important as having them. (Maybe more important?) That's why wisdom is as important as intelligence, if not more important. And all goes back to mind.

It all started in a normal day. A Monday to be precise. I went out to buy some groceries and I saw a black truck, going top speed toward a child and a mother. As I said, I'm no hero but I don't know what came over me to jump and rescue them.

Miraculously, I didn't die.

My heart was pounding heavily and I looked at the truck that didn't slow down and kept going away top speed.

At the back of the black truck I could see a writing in red spray "Truck-Sama is coming for you :) ".

I felt a chill going down my spine as I could feel the death glaring at me, I could feel it standing nearby me like it knew my time is coming.

And was that The Legendary Truck-Sama that made people reincarnate?

I didn't look at the woman and the child when they were thanking me. I barely looked at them. I just ran to my home. The black truck itself wasn't that scary. But the feeling that came over me as I saw the truck ... that felt like a higher being was looking into my soul and the gaze was crushing me.

I live on the second floor of a small apartment. I got home. Changed my clothes. And started playing games and having junk food to relax. After an hour I felt better. But the feeling didn't disappear. I went toward the window to have some fresh air and I saw the most horrifying thing in my life. The black truck was in front of my apartment!

I saw something moving from the back of the truck, like a hatch that was open. And then I saw 10 missiles being shot by the truck that went upward and redirected toward my window.

"What the ..."

Don't ever mess with Truck-Sama.


I was floating in the darkness, having no grasp over the concept of time. 'For how many years I've been here?' I wondered.

After a long time, or just a second, I felt that my memories are fading. I was forgetting my life, myself, and most important of all, the stories!

So I started to replay them in my mind. Focusing. Trying to remember. At least it was better than going nuts! And of course there was the boredom.

I remembered the truck, and figured out that that was probably the afterlife for me. I've never been a religious person but I thought that was my hell, because it was boring as fuck!

After a while instead of fading, my memory got clearer! I could remember things that normally I could not. Every moment of my life was in front of me and replaying on and on.

And then it happened.

Suddenly I was in an office, with an Asian dude behind the desk and everything was so white that they seemed like they were shinning. Even the fucking desk.

The Asian guy that looked like ken jeong wasn't minding him and was reading a stack of paper and signing them as he read each page. Then the pages would disappear.

Michael: …

Michael: Hello?

The Asian guy brought his hands up and said "wait a moment, I'll get to you in a minute", I counted, it was 12 minutes! Finally he signed the paper and the paper disappeared.

? : First of all, let me introduce myself. I am …

Michael: God?

? : Well, if I don't put on my holy aura is only because you will shit your pants so hard that even though you don't have a body right now it'll be a mess. So stop interrupting.

I was sweating heavily and nodded. Then I remembered what he said. 'I don't have a body?' I looked at my hands and my body but there was nothing! I could feel my hand, I could even move it and feel the move, but there was nothing.

? : Yes, you don't have a body. And let's make it quick, I have things to create and destroy. I am a supreme being. You could call me the Creator, the beginning and the end.

It seemed that he was pissed a bit. He was tapping to the table like a stressed person.

Creator: That truck was one of my creations to send the fated souls to different universes to bring balance. Normally I give the souls that the damn truck sends here a golden finger and send them to their destined path. But the truck goes rouge and sends you to the void to be tormented because you saved one of his targets. And I saved you from there and thank me you are not dissolved.

Then he gave me a form which looked like a Non-disclosure agreement, and said "you name 5 wishes and I grant them then I'll reincarnate you to a world to live in, not your home world. But there will be limits to your wishes. I can't give you too much power as it'll ruin the balance I'm trying to keep. So shoot."

I was in a daze a bit. I thought that I am in one of those wish granting situations that I can get op and conquer universes!

Michael: emmmm, creator, is choosing my destination world a wish? or if I don't wish an specific thing I'll be tossed in a random one?

Creator: well, it depends on your wishes and the powers that you want. if you want sth other than that setting, you should wish for it.

Michael: let me think a bit.

Creator nodded.

After 20 minutes.

Michael: okay, so first I want 3 divinities, Mind, Knowledge, and Magic. And I want Powers of Demons from supernatural, I mean wish granting and powerful body and stuff, if you can I want to be at least a prince level demon. And I want a system with limitless potential.

Creator: hmmm, it's doable. But I have to tweak them a bit. I know what you want. The demon power, I'll give it to you but you'll start at lowest levels of demons. As you gain power, you change color. You can get as powerful as Lucifer with the help of the system matching your power. Also your system needs souls to level up, not XP. And your divinities will be at level zero. Again you should train them.

Michael: Fair. Thank you creator. Can I ask which world will I be sent to?

Creator made a new stack of paper appear in front of him.

Creator: As I'm looking through these worlds in the multiverse, there is a world that is perfect for you. A world with gods, demons, titans, magic and monsters. The main setting is like marvel, but it has other elements to it that I didn't use in the original marvel world that you read. It's kind of a failed mixture of marvel, supernatural, a bit of harry potter and other stuff. This mixture didn't work out and the universe will be destroyed completely by the year 2030. Soooo you know the deal. Save the world, save yourself, have fun. And for a tip, find the differences in this universe from the things that you know about them to survive.


Everything went white, everything went black, then everything went painful.

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