1 We speak

T- Hi there lovely people, I'm TC. This is our first collab. You guys can meet me in this book (wherever my POVs are). The character is somewhat different, but apart from little differences, the story will be us. I hope you guys will enjoy the story as much as we did when we write. Thank you for giving us a try! Hope to meet you soon! Bye guys! Have a lovely day/night. 

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M - Heya people! This is me, Masumi, and you will be meeting me in this book whenever my character's POV comes. She is me and I am her, hope you like us! Give us all your love and support and we will write as much as we can. As you know, this is our first collab, so we will need all the encouragement we can get. And who can encourage us? You can! ^_^  Thank you and we love you <3

P - Heyy folks, I am Paru. This is the first alliance between us.  Hehe~ we will meet again (where my POVs are). The character is exactly me, and I just want ya guys to like my character cause..... I am that character..... I just hope you will enjoy this~~ Your love will give us the motivation to write moreee and moreeee. Thank you for trying us!! We will meet soon..... >_< have a nice dayyy!! See ya!!!!!

R - Helloo there! I'm Raven! As they said, yeah this is gonna be awesome! For your note I'm awesome, I know. XD. My character is gonna be cool and you guys gonna love the character I swear. I might be a bi*tch sometimes, but don't mind me! I love you guyss soo much! Wait and watch boy! UwU Take care!