TLH- The Lost Heroine Book

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TLH- The Lost Heroine


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"I accept the emperor's proposal." I declared in front of the crowds. With peering eyes fixated on me, I narrowed my eyes in return. In the past, I wasn't able to face many people without getting embarrassed. I always preferred my own company rather than mingling with other people. But it was different now. I looked at them with a stony expression. Void of happiness and pain, a face so unfaltering which brought discomfort and confusion to everyone. Now that all eyes were directed at me, I turned my gaze to the woman among the crowds. Her features were distinguishable that I could even sense her presence if nearby. Little sister, how does it feel to be in my place? I smirked at her and returned my attention the man seated in the golden throne. "Very well." His pleased voice was made heard across the hall, where officials were gathered. "To formally announce the candidate I have chosen, I have gathered all of you to pay respects to the future empress of the empire." He reached out his hand, and I walked towards him to take up his offer. I smiled at him pleasingly. When I positioned my feet on the elevated ground, where I can view the hall fully. A girl trembled as she clutched her fist which paled afterwards. She was dreaming of this position, and did everything in power so she could have the place. But not anymore, little sister. It is my time to be in the limelight. It is my time to steal everything, just like you have stolen everything I have in the past. She slowly looked up, and stared into my eyes with rage filled gaze. To have seen her reaction satisfied me to no end. It's my turn to feast on your misery. The kind older sister will make sure that she would relish your misery till the end.


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