1 One Piece Timeline (Ongoing)

The following is a list of events as they take place in the world of One Piece, starting from the past and heading toward the present storyline.

Note, however, that aside from the dates of "402", "1120", "1122", and "1127", all dates on this page are either estimates or non-precise time units and therefore are subject to change as the story progresses on.



Two calendar systems are known to exist in the world. These are the Age of the Sea Circle (海円暦, Kaienreki?, Viz: Age of Kaien)[1] and the Age of Heaven (天暦, Tenreki?).[2]

Age of the Sea Circle

This calendar was used by Mont Blanc Noland in his logbook around 400 years ago. Using Noland's logbook as a guide, it is possible to work out that the current storyline of One Piece takes place in the sixteenth century within the Sea Circle Calendar.[1] Based on exact dates given by Noland, the month-day division in this calendar appears to match the Gregorian calendar.


Age of Heaven

This is the calendar that was used when Nico Robin pretended to recite the history of Alabasta from the Poneglyph in the Tomb of the Kings.[2] In reality, the Poneglyph held information on Pluton. Due to the circumstances, it is unclear whether the information she provided was accurate. It is unknown how months and days were divided in this calendar, and it cannot be matched with the world timeline as no point of reference was given.


°Before the Great Age of Pirates°

~5000 years ago

The Tree of Knowledge was planted by the ancient people of Ohara.[3]

~4000 years ago

The Palace of Alubarna was built.

~1100 years ago

Sea Circle Calendar 402: The City of Gold, Shandora, is built and prospers.[4]

~1000 years ago

Zunesha is born around this time.[5] The earliest known sighting of the elephant island Zou is recorded.

The Mink Tribe isolate themselves from the outside world on Zou.

A quarrel between the Longarm Tribe and the Longleg Tribe begins.

~900 years ago

The Void Century begins.

A great civilization dominates the planet from one corner to the next, and great weapons of mass destruction are built. In the same century, they also disappear under mysterious circumstances. The only traces left behind of their civilization are the Poneglyphs.

Joy Boy attempts to raise Noah with Poseidon's aid, but he breaks his end of the bargain to Fish-Man Island and Noah is never raised, leaving it to await the day it could be used.

~830 years ago

Amatsuki Toki is born.[6]

~800 years ago

After a great war, Shandora is destroyed.[4]

The Void Century ends.

An organization of twenty kings comes together to create an alliance known as the World Government.[7] As they come to power, they control and censor everything that has happened in the last 100 years, at the same time outlawing worldwide the ability to research and read the Poneglyphs.[8]

~700 years ago

A bridge begins construction somewhere in East Blue on the island of Tequila Wolf, with an unknown purpose.

~659 years ago

Oars is born.[9]

~500 years ago

Oars, a ruler over a nation of brigands from around the world, dies of frostbite traveling through the Northern Lands and remains preserved in the ice.[10]

~460 years ago

A cure is found for the Tree Fever that had plagued the land of Lvneel, almost wiping out a majority of the inhabitants.

~441 years ago

Mont Blanc Noland is born.[9]

Kalgara is born.[9]

~408 years ago

Jarul is born.

~407 years ago

Jorul is born.

~400 years ago

Sea Circle Calendar 1120, June 21: Noland departs from Vira with his crew. Following the Log Pose, they happen upon a merchant selling an unusual artifact from Skypiea called a "waver".[1]

During his journies, Noland arrives on Green Bit, where he protects the dwarves from humans; he is made a hero and a statue is erected in his honor.

Sea Circle Calendar 1122, May 12: Noland arrives on Jaya island and brings about the end of a horrible disease that made the Shandia sick.

Nola is born.[11]

4 years later, a large portion of Jaya is shot into the air by the Knock Up Stream. The war between the Skypieans and the Shandia begins.[12]

Sea Circle Calendar 1127, November 16: Noland brings the King of Lvneel to Jaya to show him the treasures of the people there. He sets sail with 3 ships; however, due to a storm, two are sacrificed to protect the King. When they arrive on Jaya (November 16th), there is no one living there and the City of Gold is gone.[12]

6 months later, Noland is executed for his "lies" about the city of Gold. He dies claiming the city fell into the ocean.[12]

~300 years ago

The Germa Kingdom reigns over the North Blue for 66 days as the Germa Empire.

~200 years ag

The St. Briss leaves from the Briss Kingdom carrying a crew towards the Grand Line. The crew makes it to Skypiea but then vanishes without a trace.[13]

The World Government makes an alliance with Fish-Man Island after centuries of discrimination. The institution of slavery is prohibited by the World Government to secure a peace agreement. Ryugu Kingdom also attended its first Levely, to which it doesn't attend another until 200 years later.

The Fighting Fish appear near Green Bit.[14]

~160 years ago

Brogy and Dorry are born.

Morley is born.

~156 years ago

Kashii is born.[9]

~153 years ago

Oimo is born.[9]

~143 years ago

Carmel is born.

~141 years ago

Dr. Kureha is born.

~127 years ago

Jaguar D. Saul is born.[9]

~120 years ago

Surume is born. [9]

~113 years ago

Carmel starts her job as a child slaver under the name "Mountain Witch".

~107 years ago

Clover is born. [9]

~100 years ago

Dorry and Brogy begin their Duel on Little Garden.

The disease-carrying Kestia is believed to be extinct.

Morley was imprisoned at Impel Down. He later digs tunnels there and created Level 5.5.[15]

Without their two captains, the remnants of the Giant Warrior Pirates are captured and set to be executed by the Marines.

However, Carmel convinces the Marines to let them go and she joins them on their way back to Elbaf. Shortly thereafter, she opens the Sheep's House orphanage and begins to watch over abandoned children. Unbeknownst to the children, however, she uses the orphanage as a front to enhance her slavery ring and continues to do so for the next 37 years.

~99 years ago

Sanjuan Wolf is born.

~97 years ago

Haredas is born.[9]

~92 years ago

Streusen is born.[9]

~90 years ago

Brook is born.

~82 years ago

Haredas left Birka to study the weather.[9]

~81 years ago

Hajrudin is born.[16]

~79 years ago

Sengoku is born.

Amazon is born.[9]

~78 years ago

Monkey D. Garp is born.

Silvers Rayleigh is born.

Chinjao is born.[9]

~77 years ago

Gol D. Roger is born.

Tom is born.[9]

~76 years ago

Tsuru is born.

Hiriluk is born.[9]

Bakkin is born.[9]

~75 years ago

Boodle is born.[9]

Gerd is born.

~74 years ago

Edward Newgate is born.

~73 years ago

A famous pirate crew entered Swallow Island and they all died from disease, leaving their treasure behind.[citation needed]Crocus is born.

~72 years ago

Little Oars Jr. is born.[9]

Kokoro is born.[9]

~70 years ago

Lao G is born.[17]

Neptune is born.[9]

~68 years ago

Charlotte Linlin is born.[18]

Gan Fall is born.[9]

~67 years ago

Haredas and his colleagues have completed the construction of Weatheria.[9]

Zeff is born.[9]

~66 years ago

Haredas and his colleagues start to study the weather across the world.[9]

Spandine is born.[9]

~65 years ago

Shandia Chief is born.[9]

~64 years ago

Shakuyaku is born.[9]

~63 years ago

Charlotte Linlin was dropped off at Elbaf by her birth parents to never return. She gets taken care of by Mother Carmel.

Tonjit is born. [9]

Loki is born.

Road is born.

Goldberg is born.

On the seventh day of fasting, five days before the Winter Solstice, Linlin destroys a village on Elbaf over a craving of semla, killing Jorul in the process. The Sheep's House leaves Elbaf.

Sometime after the Sheep's House celebrates Linlin's "sixth birthday", Linlin was left alone. Elbaf became so repugnant of Linlin that they refrain from saying her name.

Streusen joins with Linlin to the creation a "dream country" on the island at the center they were in which eventually came to be Whole Cake Island and the rest of the surrounding islands, to be named Totto Land.

~62 years ago

Minister of the Left is born.[9]

Den is born.[9]

~61 years ago

Giolla is born.[17]

~60 years ago

Fisher Tiger is born.[9]

Riku Doldo III is born.[9]

~59 years ago

Kanjuro is born.[9]

Kozuki Oden is born. Sometime later, he was able to fling his wet nurse.[19]

~58 years ago

Borsalino is born.[20]

Higuma is born.[9]

~57 years ago

Elizabello II is born.[9]

Oden caught two rabbits with his bare hands.[21]

~56 years ago

Sengoku, Monkey D. Garp, and Tsuru join the Marines.[9]

Mukkashimi Tower is born.[17]

Brannew is born.[9]

Kin'emon is born.[9]

Ashura Doji is born.

Vinsmoke Judge is born.[9]

~55 years ago

Oden throws a large boulder at a bear, crushing it to death.[21]

Shimotsuki Kozaburo sets sail to the East Blue, saves locals from bandits, and found a village, which he called Shimotsuki Village.[22]

Sakazuki is born.[20]

Monkey D. Dragon is born.[9]

Curly Dadan is born.[9]

Minister of the Right is born.[9]

Rosward is born.[9]

Nico Olvia is born.[9]

~54 years ago

Pagaya is born.[9]

Issho is born.[9]

Bluejam is born.[9]

~53 years ago

Oden wasted royal funds in the Red-Light District.[21]

Emporio Ivankov is born.[9]

Laboon is born.[9]

T Bone is born.[9]

And is born.[9]

Morgans is born.[9]

~52 years ago

Laboon arrives at Reverse Mountain with the Rumbar Pirates. He is left behind with Crocus at the Twin Capes to wait for them.

Oimo and Kashii are tricked into working for the World Government.

Machvise is born.[17]

Squard is born.[9]

~51 years ago

Oden gets in a fight with gamblers while drunk.[21]

Koushirou is born. [9]

Drophy is born. [9]

Heracles is born.[9]

~50 years ago

The Rumbar Pirates are forced to split in two after half the crew, including captain Yorki, contract an incurable disease. Brook takes control over the healthy half of the crew.

The Rumbar Pirates are annihilated by an unknown assailant in the Florian Triangle, leaving no survivors.

Oden set a casino on fire after getting blacklisted and banned from it.[21]

Gecko Moria is born.[23]

Charlotte Linlin gives birth to her first child, Charlotte Perospero, setting the foundation of what would become the massive Charlotte Family.[24]

Benn Beckman is born.[9]

Igaram is born.[9]

Nefertari Cobra is born.[9]

~49 years ago

Brook's soul (thanks to the Yomi Yomi no Mi) finds his body, only to realize that it has rotted away, leaving only his skeleton and afro intact.

Oden killed someone and was sentenced to hard labor in the stone quarry. He later climbed the ranks until he ran the place.[21]

Trebol is born.[17]

Kuzan is born.[20]

Charlotte Compote is born.[24]

~48 years ago

Charlotte Katakuri is born.[25]

Charlotte Daifuku is born.[25]

Charlotte Oven is born.[25]

Genzo is born.[9]

Momonga is born.[9]

Bas is born.[9]

Pound is born.[9]

~47 years ago

Bartholomew Kuma is born.[23]

Urouge is born.[26]

Yasopp is born.[9]

Magellan is born.[9]

Vista is born.[9]

Charlotte Mondée is born.

Charlotte Amande is born.

Charlotte Hachée is born.

Charlotte Effilée is born.

Hogback is born.[9]

~46 years ago

Charlotte Katakuri starts to eat donuts for the first time.[9]

Jinbe is born.[23]

Senor Pink is born.[17]

Crocodile is born.[23]

Otohime is born.[9]

Aladine is born.[9]

Charlotte Opera is born.

Charlotte Counter is born.

Charlotte Cadenza is born.

Charlotte Cabaletta is born.

Charlotte Gala is born.

Tamago is born.[9]

Jerry is born.[9]

~45 years ago

Charlotte Katakuri filled his mouth with too much stuff and it ripped open after eating donuts.[9]

The Royal Capital experiences a drought. After Kozuki Oden diverts a river straight to the Capital, it gets flooded. He uses the route to escape to sea. However, the voyage is short-lived.[21]

Negikuma Maria is born.[27]

Charlotte Cracker is born.[24]

Diamante is born.[17]

Marco is born.[9]

Turco is born.[9]

Charlotte Custard is born.

Charlotte Angel is born.

Yama is born.[9]

Chadros Higelyges is born.[9]

~44 years ago

Oden kidnaps women from the capital each night and forms a harem. The girls follow him of their own free will, but their lovers still try to get them back. The fighting escalates. At one point, the Hyogoro Family tries to stop the fight, but fails.[21]

Krieg is born.[28]

Kyros is born.[17][29]

Morgan is born.[9]

Shiryu is born.

Charlotte Zuccotto is born.

~43 years ago

Charlotte Katakuri eats the Mochi Mochi no Mi and becomes a Devil Fruit user.[9]

Dracule Mihawk is born.[23]

Charlotte Brûlée is born.

Charlotte Broyé is born.

Mont Blanc Cricket is born.[9]

~42 years ago

Boodle and his followers flee to Organ Island from pirate attacks and set up Orange Town.

Capone Bege is born.[26]

Shakuyaku gives up pirating to open a bar on the Sabaody Archipelago.

Orlumbus is born.[16]

Charlotte Nusstorte is born.

Charlotte Basskarte is born.[30]

Avalo Pizarro is born.[9]

Jozu is born.[9]

Charlotte Dosmarche is born.

Kerville is born.[9]

~41 years ago

Katsuzo dies and his body gets cremated. However, Kozuki Oden uses the cremation to cook up oden.

Mountain God Incident: The Mountain God invades the capital of Wano. Oden slices the boar down and immeadiately gets exiled by his father from the Flower Capital afterwards.[31]

Spandam is born.

Arlong is born.

Vergo is born.[17]

Donquixote Doflamingo is born.[23]

Charlotte Noisette is born.[30]

Chaka is born.[9]

Laffitte is born.[9]

~40 years ago

Iceburg is born.

Marshall D. Teach is born.[23]

Bell-mère is born.[32]

Pica is born.[17]

Ipponmatsu is born.[9]

Charlotte Moscato is born.

Charlotte Mash is born.

Charlotte Cornstarch is born.

Caesar Clown is born.[9]

Suleiman is born.[9]

Inuarashi is born.[9]

Nekomamushi is born.[9]

~39 years ago

After Kozuki Oden defeats Ashura Doji in Kuri and rounds the ruffians to be workers to make the town a prosperous place with the farm and village. Sukiyaki decides to make his son the daimyo of the region, in which his followers became his retainers.

Gol D. Roger and his crew became the first to reach Lodestar Island: the island at the end of the Log Pose.[33]

Shanks is born.[34]

Donquixote Rosinante is born.

Buggy is born.[35]

Charlotte Compo is born.

Charlotte Laurin is born.

Hyouzou is born.[9]

Enel is born.[9]

~38 years ago

God Valley Incident: The Rocks Pirates attack several World Nobles and their slaves on God Valley. Garp and Roger join forces and defeat the crew, leading to Rocks' death. Garp becomes world famous and earns his title of "Hero of the Marines" (海軍の英雄, Kaigun no Eiyū?).[36]

Doctor Hiriluk returns to Drum Island and begins his research into finding a cure for the sickness that plagues his homeland.[37]

Some thugs wounded Charlotte Brûlée, causing Katakuri to make a vow to hide his mouth.[9]

Foxy is born.[38]

Kuroobi is born.[9]

Vasco Shot is born.[9]

Hatchan is born.[9]

Charlotte Mont-d'Or is born.

Bastille is born.[9]

Hack is born.[9]

Who's Who is born.[39]

~37 years ago

Jabra is born.

Galdino is born.[9]

Charlotte Mozart is born.

Charlotte Marnier is born.

Porchemy is born.[9]

~36 years ago

Kumadori is born.

Cutty Flam is born.

Smoker is born.[40]

Demaro Black is born.[9]

Nezumi is born.[9]

Catarina Devon is born.[9]

Charlotte High-Fat is born.

Charlotte Tablet is born.

Kelly Funk is born.[9]

Absalom is born.[9]

Victoria Cindry is born.[9]

Vito is born.[9]

~35 years ago

Bacca and Wolf set out to sea.

Kuro is born.[41]

Charlotte Smoothie is born.[24]

Scarlett is born.[17][29]

Lucky Roux is born.[9]

Chew is born.[9]

Hannyabal is born.[9]

Dalton is born.[9]

Pell is born.[9]

Charlotte Citron is born.

Charlotte Cinnamon is born.

Vander Decken IX is born.[9]

Zambai is born. [9]

Tilestone is born.[9]

Edward Weevil is born.[9]

~34 years ago

Hina is born.[40]

Cabaji is born.[9]

Charlotte Saint-Marc is born.[30]

Carne is born.[9]

Sentomaru is born.[9]

Charlotte Basans is born.

Shishilian is born.[9]

Sasaki is born.[39]

~33 years ago

Donquixote Homing decides to give up his divine position as a Celestial Dragon, which also lowers the status of his immediate family.[42]

Donquixote Doflamingo and Rosinante's mother dies.[43]

Pleasure Town was destroyed by pirates. Since then, the town made a rule of "Make everyone happy and be gentle to everyone".[citation needed]

Survivors of the Rocks Pirates started recruiting their own crewmembers. [44]

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi washed up on shore, where they Kawamatsu are tortured but they were saved by Oden and were recruited as his samurai.[44]

Shimotsuki Yasuie has Oden's samurai trained to be proper.

Gladius is born.[45]

X Drake is born.[26]

Pappag is born.[9]

Charlotte Melise is born.

Shura is born.[9]

Peepley Lulu is born.[9]

Bobby Funk is born.[9]

Gotti is born.[9]

~32 years ago

Borsalino, age 26, and Sakazuki age 23, join the Marines.[20]

Blueno is born.

Pedro is born.

Charlotte Dacquoise is born. [30]

Chess is born. [9]

Bentham is born. [9]

Caribou is born. [9]

~31 years ago

Donquixote Doflamingo kills his father.[43]

Scratchmen Apoo is born.[26]

Fukurou is born.

Boa Hancock is born.[23]

Basil Hawkins is born.[26]

Makino is born.[9]

Daz Bonez is born.[9]

Charlotte Galette is born.

Charlotte Poire is born.

Gedatsu is born.[9]

~30 years ago

Kuzan, age 19, joins the Marines.[20]

Chinjao engages in a fight with Monkey D. Garp and ends up getting his pointy head blunted, preventing him from reaching his treasures and leading him to hold a grudge against Garp.[46]

After failing to challenge the Grand Line, resulting many of the crew members being killed or injured, Bacca returns to Swallow Island and sets fire to his hometown to find treasure buried on the island.

Kozuki Oden leaves Wano Country; along with Izo, Nekomamushi, and Inuarashi; and takes a trial to join the Whitebeard Pirates. Despite failing it, Oden saving Amatsuki Toki from trouble was enough to join the crew.

Nico Robin is born.

Buffalo is born.[17]

Hody Jones is born.

Rob Lucci is born.[47]

Monet is born.[17]

Mounblutain is born.[9]

Kuromarimo is born.[9]

Boa Sandersonia is born.[9]

Babe is born.[9]

Charlotte Snack is born.

Charlotte Bavarois is born.

Dosun is born.[9]

Zeo is born.[9]

Daruma is born.[9]

Ikaros Much is born.[9]

Giovanni is born.[9]

~29 years ago

Viola is born.[17]

Wapol is born.[48]

Shyarly is born.[49]

Mohji is born.[9

Jango is born.[9]

Patty is born.[9]

Inazuma is born.[9]

Charlotte Prim is born.

Charlotte Praline is born.

Jesus Burgess is born.[9]

Coribou is born.[9]

Ohm is born.[9]

Concelot is born.[9]

Black Maria is born.[39]

~28 years ago

Gol D. Roger discovers he has a fatal disease. Preparing for what would be his greatest journey, he enters the Grand Line and recruits Crocus as ship doctor.[50][9]

Nico Olvia leaves Ohara and her daughter Robin to embark on a Poneglyph expedition.[51]

Heracles sets out to sea to expand his notions as a botanist.[9]

Penguin is born.[52]

Sai is born.[16]

Charlotte Kanten is born.

Charlotte Kato is born.[30]

Kozuki Momonosuke is born.[53]

Boa Marigold is born.[9]

Fullbody is born.[9]

Zala is born.[9]

Charlotte Montb is born.

Doc Q is born.[9]

Wanze is born.[9]

Wanda is born.[9]

Jack is born.[9]

Yamato is born.

~27 years ago

The Roger Pirates face off against pirate Shiki in the battle of Edd War. Roger escapes, while Shiki suffers massive losses and gets a steering wheel implanted into his head.[54]

Killer is born.[26]

Shachi is born.[52]

Kalifa is born.

Wicca is born.[55]

Alvida is born.[9]

Cocoa is born.[9]

Gin is born.[9]

Byron is born.[9]

Charlotte Chiboust is born.

Bellamy and Sarquiss are born.[9]

Shoujou is born.[9]

Pekoms is born.[9]

Satori and his brothers are born.[9]

~26 years ago

Neptune becomes king of the Ryugu Kingdom.[56]

Shyarly is left in the care of a then 15-year old Arlong by her father.[49]

Twin sisters Charlotte Lola and Chiffon are born to Charlotte Linlin. Immediately after their birth, Linlin casts their father Pound out of her kingdom.

Cavendish is born.[16]

Trafalgar Law is born.[26]

Chocolat is born.[9]

Gem is born.[9]

Kozuki Hiyori is born.[57]

Paulie is born.[9]

Roger Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates have a battle in a fight that took 3 days and 3 nights. But everybody make peace in the fourth day.[58]

Kozuki Oden joins Roger Pirates. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi tag along once again.[58]

Roger arrives in Skypiea and makes Oden engrave the message near the Poneglyph.[59]

Shyarly predicts the Mermaid Princess will be born in 10 years.[60]

Gol D. Roger is shown the Road Poneglyph residing on Zou.[61]

~25 years ago

A man refused to work in the weapon factory, causing him to be executed. This caused Oden's samurai to attack the Flower Capital in rage. However, the Beasts Pirates raided Oden's castle in Kuri, but failed their mission to kill Kozuki Momonosuke as Kawamatsu and Inuarashi repelled their forces while Toki was struck in the leg by an arrow.[62]

The Roger Pirates complete their journey to Laugh Tale. Having conquered the entire Grand Line, Gold Roger becomes known as the Pirate King. Shortly afterwards, Roger disbands his pirate crew, allowing them to return to peaceful lives of their choosing.[50][9]Kozuki Oden dreams of opening the borders of Wano Country in 20 years time.[63]

Shyarly predicts the coming of the great pirate era that comes a year later.[64]

Heracles and his friends arrive at Boin Archipelago, and study the plants there.[9]

After hearing about Kurozumi Orochi's rule in Wano and the raid six months, Oden tries to go after Orochi as others believed in him. However, Oden at some point decides to dance naked and make a fool of himself for 5 years, as the desperation of people turned into anger.[65]

Perona is born.[66]

Leo is born.[16]

Kaku is born.[67]

Manjaro is born.[9]

Charlotte Mobile is born.[68]

Charlotte Marble is born.[68]

Charlotte Myukuru is born.[30]

Charlotte Maple is born.[68]

Pearl is born.[9]

Duval is born.[9]

Masira is born.[9]

Wadatsumi is born.[9]

Genbo is born.[9]

Yeti Cool Brothers are born.[9]

Mansherry is born.[9]


°Great Age of Pirates°

~24 years ago

Shanks battles Marshall D. Teach a and is left with three scars on his eye.

The great pirate Gol D. Roger turns himself in to the Marines and is sentenced to death. Roger's speech before his death leads pirates to the Grand Line to seek out his hidden treasure, dubbed 'One Piece'. This event marks the beginning of an era called "The Great Age of Pirates" (大海賊時代, Daikaizokujidai?).

Upon hearing of the capture of Roger, and that Roger will be executed within a week, Shiki goes on a rampage throughout Marineford before being brought down by Sengoku and Monkey D. Garp. He is sent to Level 6 of Impel Down for his actions.[54]

Shanks begins his journey as a pirate captain by asking Buggy to join his crew. Buggy declines, and this is the last time the pair meets for the next 22 years until reuniting during the Marineford War.

The legendary Shipwright Tom is put on trial for building Gol D. Roger's ship, the Oro Jackson. He was given ten years to complete his idea of a Sea Train to be exonerated of this crime.

Heracles loses all of his friends due to the dangers of the island.[9]

Baby 5 is born.[17]

Jewelry Bonney is born.[26]

Bartolomeo is born.

Vinsmoke Reiju is born.[69]

Drip is born.[9]

Mikita is born.[9]

Fukaboshi is born.[9]

Charlos is born.[9]

Charlotte Brownie is born.

Wyper is born.[9]

Kamakiri is born.[9]

Braham is born.[9]

Blue Gilly is born.[9]

Sheepshead is born.[9]

~23 years ago

Ryuma's grave is robbed and his corpse along with Shusui, are stolen.[70]

Eustass Kid is born.[26]

Tashigi is born.

Koala is born.

Buchi is born.[9]

Sham is born.[9]

Sadi is born.[9]

Ryuboshi is born.[9]

Charlotte Joconde is born.

~22 years ago

Nico Olvia is captured by the Marines and her comrades are killed. Jaguar D. Saul frees her and deserts the Marines. Nico Olvia returns to Ohara. Her daughter Nico Robin meets Saul. Ohara Incident: Ohara is burned to the ground by a Buster Call summoned by the CP9. Professor Clover, Olvia and all of the citizens of Ohara are killed. Nico Robin, the sole survivor, begins her life on the run from the World Government with a 79,000,000 Beli bounty. Jaguar D. Saul presumably dies when he is frozen by Aokiji.

Gaimon arrives at the Island of Rare Animals and through a mishap is trapped inside a treasure chest. He is left behind by his crew.

Hatchan saves Silvers Rayleigh out at sea and subsequently befriends him.[50]

Shiki escapes from Impel Down.[71]

Shanks first meets Yasopp while sailing near Gecko Island.[54]

Portgas D. Ace is born as "Gol D. Ace". His mother, Portgas D. Rouge, dies shortly after his birth.

Sabo is born.

Nojiko is born.

Kuina is born.

Sugar is born.[17]

Bepo is born.[52]

Ideo is born.[16]

Helmeppo is born.[9]

Pascia is born.[9]

Koza is born.[9]

Charlotte Raisin is born.

Raki is born.[9]

Kiwi is born.[9]

Nero is born.[9]

Ulti is born.[39]

~21 years ago

Vinsmoke Judge attempts to genetically alter his unborn quadruplet sons in their mother's womb in order to give them superhuman capabilities and remove their sense of empathy. However, Sora takes a highly dangerous drug to combat its effects. Three of their sons are successfully modified while the drug causes Sanji to be born as a normal human. The drug also causes Sora to develop a terminal illness that lasts for a few years before eventually killing her.[72]

Vinsmoke Ichiji is born.[73]

Vinsmoke Niji is born.[73]

Sanji is born.[74]

Vinsmoke Yonji is born.[73]

Roronoa Zoro is born.[34]

Charlotte Panna is born.

Conis is born.[9]

Mozu is born.[9]

~20 years ago

Whitebeard claims Fish-Man Island under his protection. In doing so, pirates weren't allowed to harm or capture the residents there.[75]

Kozuki Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards try to defeat Kaido to open the borders of Wano Country, but failed. Both Oden and his wife Kozuki Toki are executed by Kurozumi Orochi and Kaido. Before her demise, Toki uses the powers of the Toki Toki no Mi to send her son with the Ame no Habakiri and their retainers to safety 20 years into the future.[76]

Kurozumi Higurashi is killed by Kaido[77]

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi begin their feud.

Charlotte Mascarpone is born.[78][79]

Charlotte Joscarpone is born.[80][79]

Sterry is born.

Kyuin is born.

Nami is born.[34]

Manboshi is born.[9]

Page One is born.[39]

Bell-mère, a Marine, is caught in a battle between Marines and pirates. She survives and takes two orphans she finds, Nami and Nojiko, back to Cocoyasi Village; she later adopts both girls as her daughters.

~19 years ago

Boa Hancock and her sisters are kidnapped and become slaves of the Celestial Dragon.[81]

Usopp is born.[34]

Monkey D. Luffy is born.[34]

Charlotte Yuen is born.

Kaya is born.[9]

~18 years ago

Ringo falls in the hands of Kaido and Kurozumi Orochi. Onimaru starts to protect the weapons left on graves against the Beasts Pirates.

Nefertari Vivi is born.

The Charlotte Decuplets are born, the largest of Charlotte Linlin's multiple births.[82]

Koby is born.[9]

Camie is born [9]

Saldeath is born.[9]

Marguerite is born.[9]

Marianne is born.[9]

~17 years ago

Queen Otohime begins her campaign of gathering signatures from her fellow fish-men and merfolk in order to appease the World Government so that fish-men and humans can coexist together in peace.[83]

An incident on an island leaves five hundred soldiers being held hostage by pirates. The pirates demand their captain be made the king of the island in exchange for the release of the five hundred captives. The World Government sends in one thirteen-year-old boy to end the hostage situation; he kills the five hundred soldiers and then the pirates when they open fire on him. The boy later goes on to become the top killing machine of the secret CP9: Rob Lucci.[47]

An unnamed king of an unnamed kingdom visited Kamabakka Kingdom on Momoiro Island. After he returned, he was an okama. This incident tore the kingdom and the family apart, and they were later exiled. Bellett, son of this unnamed king, became a pirate and would later blame Emporio Ivankov for this incident.

Portgas D. Ace and Sabo start saving up money in order to buy a pirate ship, leave Dawn Island, and become pirates.

Tony Tony Chopper is born on Drum Island. He becomes an outcast of his herd because of his blue nose.

As the original "Corazón", Vergo passes on the name to Donquixote Rosinante.[9]

Matsuge is born.[9]

Shalria is born.[9]

Charlotte Nougat is born.

~16 years ago

Fisher Tiger, who was enslaved by the Celestial Dragons for several years, breaks free and heads back to Fish-Man Island. He talks with King Neptune about deciding to go back to Mary Geoise and free all of the slaves that he regretfully left behind.

The extermination of the people of Flevance occurs. Trafalgar Law is recruited into the Donquixote Pirates.

Vergo left the Donquixote Pirates to go on a secret mission.[9]

Shirahoshi is born.

Rebecca is born.

Dellinger is born.[17]

Karoo, Ivan X, and Cowboy are born.[9]

Momoo is born.[9]

Charlotte Pudding is born.

~15 years ago

A year after escaping, the adventurer Fisher Tiger goes back and scales the Red Line in order to attack Mary Geoise, starting a rebellion that ultimately frees all of the slaves of the Celestial Dragons, including Boa Hancock and her sisters.[84]

Fisher Tiger rebrands the mark of the Celestial Dragons on the freed fish-men slaves into the mark of the sun and forms the Sun Pirates.[84]

The Boa sisters are found by Gloriosa, Silvers Rayleigh and Shakuyaku, who take them back to Amazon Lily.[84]

Under the orders of Donquixote Doflamingo, Vergo joins the Marines.

The Nox Expedition party were begin chased by the government for searching for poneglyphs, thus they became the Nox Pirates.[85]

Foxy's boxing license was revoked as he was caught cheating with a weapon.[9]

Charlotte Flampe is born.

Stomp and Kentauros are born.[9]

Carrot is born.[9]

~14 years ago

Bepo leaves Zou at the age of 8 to chase after his elder brother Zepo. When he climbed down Zou to get a view of the sea, he was swept away. He then boards a ship heading for the North Blue.[86]

Vergo enters G-5 base after personally requesting it.[9]

Chouchou is born. [9]

Charlotte Anglais is born. [30]

Bourbon Jr. and Hikoichi are born.[9]

~13 years ago

Vivi becomes the vice leader of the Suna Suna Clan.

Toto and his son Koza set off from Alubarna to set up a village in the Oasis of Yuba.

Shachi and Penguin's parents died in a tsunami. They were raised by Shachi's aunt and uncle, who made them do illegal activities.[citation needed]

Boa Hancock becomes the new empress of the Kuja and captain of the Kuja Pirates. She is also given a position in the Seven Warlords of the Sea.[87]

Donquixote Rosinante and Trafalgar Law travel to Minion Island to steal the Ope Ope no Mi to save Law's life; but are discovered by the Donquixote family after accidentally giving an intelligence letter to Vergo, a member of Donflamingo's crew undercover as a Marine. Rosinate is killed by his brother and the island undergoes the Birdcage, which kills everyone except a boy that was a member of a local pirate crew.

Doflamingo later recruits Sugar and Monet to his family.[88]

Sanji is expelled from the Vinsmoke Family at the age of 8 by his father Vinsmoke Judge, and he's allowed to leave the Germa Kingdom while they're invading a country in the East Blue. He boards a nearby cruise ship called the Orbit and works there as a trainee chef for the next 2 years.[89]

While wandering around Swallow Island, Bepo is bullied by two delinquents named Shachi and Penguin. Trafalgar Law witnesses the beating and Shachi and Penguin pick a fight with him. Law defeats them and Bepo joins up with him.[90]

Kawamatsu and Onimaru start to hide the weapons from grave robbers. Eventually, the kappa gets locked up in Udon after trying to procure food from the Flower Capital and eats rotten fish everyday for the next 13 years.[91][92]

Foxy eats the Noro Noro no Mi.[9]

Nora Gitsune is born.[9]

Charlotte Wafers is born.

~12 years ago

Sugar, aged 10, eats the Hobi Hobi no Mi. As a side effect of the Devil Fruit, she remains biologically ten years old forever.[17]

Red-Haired Shanks, then twenty-seven years old, arrives at Luffy's hometown and decides to stay there. Luffy accidentally eats the Gomu Gomu no Mi, giving him rubber powers and an inability to swim. Higuma is eaten by a Sea King in an incident involving Luffy and Shanks. Shanks leaves Luffy's hometown after staying there for almost a year.[93]

Shortly after Shanks' departure, Luffy is taken by his grandfather Monkey D. Garp to train with Curly Dadan and meets his adopted brother Portgas D. Ace. Luffy soon forms a brotherhood with Ace and Sabo based on their shared desire to become pirates.

Disgusted by Porchemy's failure, Bluejam shoots Porchemy.

The Celestial Dragons come to visit the Goa Kingdom on Dawn Island. The Bluejam Pirates set fire to the Gray Terminal in preparation for their arrival, but most who reside there are saved from being burnt to death by Monkey D. Dragon and the Revolutionaries.

Sabo is attacked by a World Noble and presumed dead. He is rescued by Dragon, but loses his memories and joins the revolutionaries.

Shanks arrives in Sabaody Archipelago and meets Rayleigh.[94]

The pirate captain Mont Blanc Cricket arrives at Jaya. He stays to search for the truth about whether his ancestor was a liar so that he may be liberated from his family curse. His crew abandons him shortly afterward.

Chouchou's owner, Hocker, sets up his pet shop in Orange Town.[95]

The famous actress Victoria Cindry dies in a tragic accident. Dr. Hogback meets the Warlord of the Sea Gecko Moria, along with Absalom and Perona.

Hatchan visits Shakuyaku and Silvers Rayleigh for the last time after joining the Sun Pirates.

The revolutionaries start to look for Nico Robin.

The Sun Pirates meet Koala, a young girl who was a slave of the Celestial Dragons. Fisher Tiger rebrands her slave mark into the mark of the sun, making her the first human to bear the Sun Pirates' emblem.

Upon returning Koala to her home island, Fisher Tiger is ambushed by a group of Marines led by Rear Admiral Strawberry. After barely escaping the island with a Marine ship stolen by his crew, Tiger chooses to die rather than receive a transfusion of the human blood on the ship.

Angered by Tiger's death, Arlong heads back to Foolshout Island to get revenge on the humans who betrayed Tiger, only to be defeated and captured by Vice Admiral Borsalino. He is then imprisoned in Impel Down.

Charlotte Wiro is born.

~11 years ago

Jinbe agrees to the World Government's terms and becomes one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, which allows Arlong to be released from prison. Unfortunately, this led to a massive disagreement between Jinbe and Arlong that caused the Sun Pirates to disband into three factions: The Arlong Pirates, the Macro Pirates, and Jinbe's crew.

Zeff returns from the Grand Line. A storm sinks the Orbit and Zeff's pirate ship. Zeff and Sanji end up stranded on an island with very little food for 85 days and are eventually saved. Baratie is opened.

Kuina and Roronoa Zoro made a promise for one of them to become the greatest swords-person. After Kuina dies, Koushirou gives Zoro the Wado Ichimonji to reach his goal.[9]

Ninjin is born.

Piiman is born.

Tamanegi is born.

Charlotte De-Chat is born.

Aisa is born.[96]

~10 years ago

After capturing ships holding Heavenly Tribute for the Celestial Dragons and blackmailing the World Government for the position, Donquixote Doflamingo becomes a Warlord of the Sea.

Doflamingo frames Riku Doldo III and his soldiers for various crimes against their own citizens before swooping in and claiming the position of king of Dressrosa.

Arlong invades Cocoyasi Village and begins to build his empire. Bell-mère is murdered by him and Nami is conscripted into the Arlong Pirates.

Tom completes the Sea Train, the Puffing Tom. It took an extra four years for him and the others to add the tracks to other islands.

CP5, led by Spandam, frames Tom, who is carted away to Enies Lobby. Cutty Flam is presumed dead after attempting to stop the sea train that was carrying Tom.

Princess Shirahoshi gets touched by Vander Decken IX, making her a target for his powers.

Queen Otohime is assassinated, causing an uproar on Fish-Man Island.

Hody steals the energy pills from the Tamate Box and resigns from the Neptune army. In case of another theft, the Minister of the Right places explosives inside the box that will detonate the moment it is opened.

Shirahoshi is locked inside Hard-Shell Tower of Ryugu Palace to protect her from Decken's projectile gifts and threats.

Pekoms lead the other minks of the Nox Pirates who couldn't continue their journey, leaving just Pedro and Zepo. Later, Pekoms and his group arrived at Big Mom's territory. There, their lives were saved and they entered into her care.[97]

Minatomo sells the blueprints to Kaido's mansion at a pawnshop. Sometime later, Ashura Doji stole the blueprints from Rakuda and ran over to Kuri with them.[98][99]

After hearing about Davy Jones, Foxy starts to amass a crew through Davy Back Fights.[96]

Despite Ashura Doji's warning to wait, many of his friends head over to Onigashima to fight Kaido. They eventually got killed. [100]

Charlotte Normande is born.

Chimney is born.[96]

~9 years ago

A violent war occurs on Kuraigana Island, coating the island in blood and dead bodies and ingraining a violent personality into the Humandrills of the island.

Koala joins the Revolutionary Army.

Charlotte Dolce and Dragée are born.[30]

Mocha is born.[96]

~8 years ago

Dr. Hiriluk finds Tony Tony Chopper and saves his life. He takes Chopper in as his assistant and surrogate son.[37]

Gan Fall is replaced as the God of Skypiea by Enel in a coup d'État.

A meeting is held at Mary Geoise with the World Counsel to discuss Dragon and his Revolutionary movement.

Hiriluk dies; upon his death, Tony Tony Chopper goes to live with Doctor Kureha, who begins to teach him how to be a real doctor.[37]

Two fans of the book on Mont Blanc Noland, Masira and his brother Shoujou, show up at Jaya to help Mont Blanc Cricket in his efforts to settle things with his ancestor.

Charlotte Anana is born.[101]

Tama is born.

~7 years ago

The Usopp Pirates are formed.

Rob Lucci, Kaku and Kalifa from CP9 go undercover and join the Galley-La Company in order to learn more about Pluton's blueprints. Blueno goes to Water 7 with them but gets work as a bartender instead.

Brook is captured on Thriller Bark, where his shadow is taken by Gecko Moria and transferred to the corpse of the samurai Ryuma. Brook manages to escape after wreaking havoc on Thriller Bark and creating his legacy among its inhabitants as "The Humming Swordsman".

~6 years ago

Cutty Flam shows up alive at Water 7. He receives Pluton's blueprints from Iceburg. Cutty Flam assumes the name 'Franky'.

Nico Robin is hired by Crocodile into Baroque Works as his partner.

Shanks acquires the status of Emperor.[102]

~5 years ago

Captain Kuro fakes his own death and takes on the name Klahadore. He becomes the butler for Kaya's family.

A drought starts in Alabasta, with the king being suspected of causing it with the use of Dance Powder.

Axe-Hand Morgan is honored for bringing in the infamous "Captain Kuro" and begins his rise to power in the Marines.[103]

The Franky Family begins to collect 200,000,000 Beli.

Portgas D. Ace, aged 17, leaves Luffy's hometown.

Pedro and Zepo, who continued searching for poneglyphs, eventually set their sights on Big Mom's poneglyph. They infiltrate Whole Cake Island in an attempt to steal poneglyphs from the Big Mom Pirates and by coincidence, Pedro and Pekoms came face to face once again. Pedro and Zepo are defeated and forced to spin Big Mom's punishment wheel; Zepo subsequently lands on the "100 years" panel and Big Mom, using the powers of the Soru Soru no Mi, steals his remaining 30 years, killing him. She initially plans to take the remaining 70 from Pedro, though she agrees to Pekoms' pleas to reduce the punishment by a decade. Pedro then gouges out his own eye in an effort to further quell her anger, and impressed by this, she removes only 50 years from his lifespan.[104][105]

~4 years ago

Vivi and Igaram join Baroque Works to find out information on who runs it.

The Spade Pirates are founded by Portgas D. Ace and Masked Deuce.[citation needed]

Kaya's parents die. Soon afterward, Kaya falls ill.[106]

Koby accidentally ends up as the chore boy for the pirate Alvida.[107]

In defiance of Dr. Vegapunk, Caesar Clown performs an experiment involving chemical weaponry on Punk Hazard. The experiment destroys the island's entire ecosystem and leaves many prisoners paralyzed.

Amigasa village experiences a famine. Portgas D. Ace and his crew were captured by the villagers of Amigasa, who stole their food. The pirates freed themselves but were able to stay in the village as a guest for a few weeks. Tama takes a liking to Ace and decides to become an enchanting kunoichi for when he returns.

Smiley is born.

~3 years ago

Don Krieg leaves the East Blue to conquer the Grand Line. He is defeated by Dracule Mihawk but manages to escape with his main ship.

Chouchou's owner goes to the hospital and never returns.[95]

Mocha and Sind were kidnapped and brought to Punk Hazard to be the first two subjects for the gigantification experiment.[108][109]

Cavendish appears in the New World as a powerful new Super Rookie.

Ryokugyu starts his latest fast.[110]

~2 years ago

Luffy leaves Foosha Village on his quest to become the Pirate King. He subsequently frees Koby from Alvida by defeating her.

Zoro saves Rika from Soro, Helmeppo's dog. For defying him and killing Soro, Helmeppo has Zoro crucified for nine days without food or water. Luffy rescues Zoro and recruits him as his first crew member. Koby joins the Marines.

Nami agrees to travel with Luffy for their mutual convenience. Luffy, Nami, and Zoro defeat Buggy and his crew at Orange Town, obtaining a map of the Grand Line.

Klahadore plans to kill Kaya and inherit her fortune, but the Straw Hats help Usopp defeat him and his crew. They receive the Going Merry from Merry, and Usopp joins their crew. The Straw Hat Pirates' jolly roger is established.

Zoro has two katanas broken by Dracule Mihawk, and then Luffy defeats Don Krieg at the Baratie, and Sanji joins the Straw hats.

At Cocoyasi Village, Arlong breaks his agreement with Nami and is subsequently defeated along with his entire crew. Nami joins the Straw Hats for real this time.

Having defeated three people with high bounties, Luffy receives his first bounty from the Marines: 30 million bellies. The Straw Hats enter the Grand Line.

Thatch discovers the Yami Yami no Mi. Marshall D. Teach murders him and steals the fruit. Portgas D. Ace leaves the Moby Dick to find him.

Blackbeard and his crew raid Drum Island. Wapol flees in fear.

A coup leads to Vira being taken over.

Zoro buys the Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri from Ipponmatsu at Loguetown.

Feburary 18[9]: Luffy and Usopp create Mr. Snowman and Snow Queen, but they get destroyed in their bickering.

Feburary 19[9]: Igaram creates three Honohonouenchi dummies and tries to head over to Alabasta, but Miss All Sunday blows up his ship.

The Straw Hats befriend Nefertari Vivi, defeat Wapol, recruit Tony Tony Chopper, meet Dorry and Brogy, and head to Alabasta. Dalton is appointed as ruler of the renamed Sakura Kingdom. When they dismantle Baroque Works and take down Crocodile, the government covers it up. Crocodile is arrested by Tashigi and Smoker in Alabasta, both of whom are promoted for their efforts. The drought ends and peace returns to the country. Princess Vivi returns after having disappeared a few years prior. Nico Robin joins the Straw Hats.

Enel is defeated by the Straw Hats. Gan Fall returns as God of Skypiea. The war between the Skypieans and Shandia ends.

Foxy's Davy Back Fight winning streak, after 920 victories, is broken.

CP9 leader Spandam accidentally summons a Buster Call to Enies Lobby, annihilating the island of justice. The destruction is blamed on the Straw Hats, all of whom are assigned bounties.

Shu uses his Sabi Sabi no Mi powers to rust Yubashiri.

March 25[9]: The Thousand Sunny is manufactured. Franky joins the Straw Hats.

A small time Mafia thug known as Duval is hunted down by bounty hunters as a result of his striking resemblance to Sanji's new bounty poster. Marines from the Marine HQ are also deployed after him at the behest of Vinsmoke Judge.[111]

Shanks makes contact with Whitebeard. Despite Marine efforts, the two meet with each other. Two days prior to their meeting, "Fire Fist" Ace was defeated by Blackbeard. He is handed into the Marines, who set a date for his execution. The World Government summons the Seven Warlords of the Sea to rally together with the Marines for a war against Whitebeard. Blackbeard is appointed to the position of Warlord of the Sea for his role in bringing in Ace.

Revolutionaries conquer Centaurea.

Shusui is given to Roronoa Zoro by Ryuma. Over a thousand shadows abducted by Warlord Gecko Moria are returned to their original owners. Most suspect Moria was defeated; however, Moria retains Warlord status and no reports are released on any such defeat. 

Brook joins the Straw Hats.

At the Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy punches a World Noble in the face, and Bartholomew Kuma sends each member of the Straw Hat Pirates flying to a separate island.

Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, breaks into Impel Down, from which Buggy happens to be trying to escape. 241 prisoners successfully escape the prison, marking the first mass breakout in its history. Meanwhile Blackbeard invades Impel Down to liberate and recruit the former chief jailer of Impel Down, Shiryu, and several convicts from the apocryphal Level 6: Vasco Shot, Catarina Devon, Sanjuan Wolf, and Avalo Pizarro.

The Manticore from Impel Down escapes the prison and is caught by the Big Mom Pirates, in which Charlotte Mont-d'Or seals it in a book.

The Battle of Marineford takes place. Both Luffy's and Ace's heritage are revealed to the public. Portgas D. Ace dies when Admiral Akainu's magma fist goes through his chest. Edward Newgate dies standing up at Marineford. Marshall D. Teach somehow steals and assimilates Whitebeard's Devil Fruit power, making him the only human known to wield the power of two Devil Fruits. The battle is brought to an end with the arrival of Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates. Other pirates start to invade Whitebeard's territory after hearing of his death.

Monkey D. Garp and Sengoku resign from the Marines.

Monkey D. Luffy, Jinbe, Trafalgar Law, and the Heart Pirates are the first males ever permitted to set foot on Amazon Lily, an island that is usually off-limits to men.

Luffy, Jinbe, and Silvers Rayleigh return to Marineford. They sailed around the island once, Luffy rang the Ox Bell sixteen times and gave a silent prayer, and they left once again on the Kuja Pirates' ship.

The original childhood lab of Dr. Vegapunk on Karakuri Island explodes after Franky presses a self-destruct button in the lab. This event becomes known to the world as the "Nightmare of Baldimore". Soon after that, Franky causes another incident, which would become known as the Legend of the Sacred Burning Beast of Baldimore.

Monkey D. Luffy decides to disband the Straw Hat Pirates for two years in order to allow the crew to train and become stronger.

Buggy is invited into the Seven Warlords of the Sea and accepts.

Sabo regains his memory of Luffy and Ace before he decides to find the Mera Mera no Mi.

January 8: General Franky is manufactured.[9]

~1 year ago

A great battle takes place between the Marines and the combined forces of Duval and his Rosy Life Riders, Hatchan, and Bartholomew Kuma, over the Straw Hat Pirates' ship, the Thousand Sunny. In the end, the Marines were forced to retreat, with the Rosy Life Riders, Hatchan, and Kuma sustaining serious damage. The Thousand Sunny was left unharmed.

An argument occurs between Admirals Aokiji and Akainu for the vacant position of Fleet Admiral. The two engage in a duel to the death on Punk Hazard, which lasted for ten days and left both men severely wounded. In the end, Sakazuki wins and is promoted to the position of fleet admiral. This results in the transfer of Marineford to the New World, the relocation of the G-1 branch, the resignation of Aokiji from the Marines, and the reconstruction of the Marines. The battle causes one side of Punk Hazard to be permanently embroiled in flames, leaving the other half permanently frozen over. The World Military draft is held, and the two vacant Admiral positions are filled by Issho (Fujitora) and Ryokugyu.

After defeating the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates in the Payback War, Marshall D. Teach acquires great notoriety in the New World by conquering Whitebeard's former sphere of influence, attacking and murdering Devil Fruit users, and stealing their abilities to increase the abilities of his crew, resulting in him usurping Whitebeard's previous status as one of the Four Emperors.

Bartolomeo appears in the New World as a powerful new Super Rookie.

Trafalgar Law obtains a bounty of 440,000,000 Beli for unknown reasons. After sending the disembodied (but living) hearts of 100 pirates to Marineford, he is appointed to a Warlord of the Sea position.[112]

X Drake allies with the Beast Pirates and aides in the destruction of Amigasa Village. [113]

Capone Bege starts planning the assassination of Big Mom.[114]

Komurasaki gradually tricks Bingo into giving away all of his money, and then later spends it all.[115]

Marshall D. Teach acquires the status of Emperor.

Capone Pez is born.[9]

~Current Storyline

The prince and king of the Goa Kingdom die of a suspicious death, resulting in Sterry ascending to the throne.[116]

Kin'emon, Kiku, Raizo, Kanjuro, and Kozuki Momonosuke arrive in the Wano Country of this year from 20 years ago, having been sent forward through time by the powers of the Toki Toki no Mi. While Kiku stays at Wano, the rest left to recruit allies.[117]

Kozuki Momonosuke eats Vegapunk's man-made Devil Fruit.

The Fake Straw Hat Crew recruit famous pirates but are unmasked by Sentomaru, who has been promoted into the Marines. The real Straw Hat Pirates reunite at Sabaody Archipelago and word gets out that they're back in action. Upon pursuit by marines, they escape with their coated ship into the sea. With help from various groups of people, the Straw Hats set off for Fish-Man Island.

As punishment for helping the Straw Hats, Bartholomew Kuma was enslaved by the Celestial Dragons some point later.[9]

Madam Shyarly of the Mermaid Cafe predicts the destruction of Fish-Man Island at the hands of Straw Hat Luffy. Meanwhile, Hody Jones, captain of the New Fish-Man Pirates, and Vander Decken IX, captain of the Flying Pirates, form an alliance and initiate a rebellion against the Ryugu Kingdom. Princess Shirahoshi manifests her ability to summon Sea Kings in order to stop Noah from falling onto Fish-Man Island. She is revealed to be the ancient weapon, Poseidon. Jinbe donates blood to Luffy in the very first human-fish-man blood transfusion since it was outlawed.

Jinbe promises to join the Straw Hats once he finished taking care of his duties.

Neptune frees the human pirates; makes the Fish-Man subordinates work under him; and arrests Hody, officers of the New Fish-Man Pirates, and Vander Decken. Some of the human pirates were later captured by G-5.

The Straw Hat Pirates are targeted by Big Mom after Luffy challenges her and declares himself as the future protector of Fish-Man Island. Luffy gives Tamago and Pekoms the treasure that Caribou stole, including the Tamate Box with an explosive inside of it.

The Straw Hats enter the New World.

The Straw Hats form an alliance with the Heart Pirates in order to dethrone Kaido. Smiley eats the candy, causing a poisonous gas that can petrify people to spread across Punk Hazard. The group defeats and kidnaps Caesar Clown at Punk Hazard before continuing to Dressrosa in order to take down Donquixote Doflamingo. Both Vergo and Monet die.

G-5 take the children from Punk Hazard to see Vegapunk.

An alliance between the Kid, On Air and Hawkins Pirates to depose the Emperor Shanks is formed.

Jinbe places Caribou in a G-5 Marine base. The Caribou Pirates tried to rescue him, but got captured as he sails free. Caribou ends up on one of Kaido's favorite islands. The Caribou Pirates meet up on the island with a Marine ship. They defeat Scotch and destroyed the factory, but Caribou is taken by X Drake and is later taken prisoner in Wano.

Zou is invaded by Jack and his division of the Beasts Pirates, who cause mass devastation while hunting the ninja, Raizo.

Kuzan becomes an affiliate of the Blackbeard Pirates.

All toys on the island of Dressrosa return to their original forms after Sugar loses consciousness. Sabo, the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army, consumes the Mera Mera no Mi, which previously belonged to his late brother, Portgas D. Ace. Donquixote Doflamingo is defeated, his crew is arrested, and reign over Dressrosa is returned to the Riku Family. Doflamingo's fall sends many nations that depended on him into chaos, allowing the Revolutionaries to increase their victories.

Seven crews pledge their allegiance to the Straw Hat Pirates, forming the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, which consists of over 5000 members. Due to the events from their reunion at Sabaody Archipelago until Dressrosa, all of the Straw Hats receive new bounties, with updated pictures on their posters, and Sanji's status is changed to "Wanted Only Alive".

After confronting Kaido, the On Air Pirates and Hawkins Pirates become subordinates of the Beasts Pirates while Kid remains prisoner.

Jack attacks Doflamingo's escort. He sinks two of the ships, but is ultimately defeated. He survives, and the newspapers falsely report him as dead.

The Blackbeard Pirates attack the Revolutionaries' island base of Baltigo, resulting in the base being completely destroyed in which the new base is located in Momoiro Island.[118]

Brook of the Straw Hat Pirates creates copies of Charlotte Linlin's Road Poneglyph after infiltrating her storeroom, making the Straw Hats one of the few factions in the world to have possession of one at the time.

The Tamate Box explodes, causing Whole Cake Chateau to fall.

Pedro blows himself up with dynamite to have the Straw Hats move forward.

Morgans reports the details of the Sanji Retrieval Team's successful raid against the Emperors Charlotte Linlin to the entire world. Morgans also reveals to the world of Sanji's heritage, the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, and the addition of the former Warlord of the Sea Jinbe to the Straw Hat Pirates. Following this news, Germa Kingdom is officially expelled from the Government for their attempted alliance. It is also reported that Luffy is considered by certain parts of the world to be a fifth Emperor.[119]

Absalom arrives on Pirate Island and is killed by the Blackbeard Pirates. The Suke Suke no Mi gets eaten by Shiryu.[120]

Shimotsuki Yasuie gets executed. This year's Levely ends. Roronoa Zoro makes a deal to replace Shusui with Enma. Charlotte Linlin and Kaido decide to form a temporary alliance with their pirate crews.

The Seven Warlords of the Sea system is abolished and the Marines start to attack the former Warlords.[121]



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