Timelessly Book

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A story about two strangers who met and spend a week together, then later one changed the other's life and the next the other saved the other's life. --------------------------------- Rain Alexis Rogers is a privileged only daughter who suffer from depression. Her depression got so out of hand that she tried ending her life through cutting her wrist open but failed at the attempt and that lead her to stay at the hospital for a week where she met River, the bright and always smiles teen who's lived almost all her life in the hospital because of her heart condition and because she was abandoned when she was still a baby, for her biological mother can't raise her. Yet despite all the negative situations in her life she chose to remain upbeat and positive. Which later helped Rain find a reason for life. And though after the short time they spent together Rain never felt her depression taking control over her and now she was now finding the joy of the world around her. But one tragic night Rain was shot by a drunken man which placed her in the I.C.U and within 48 hours she was able to gain consciousness only to tell her parents she wants her heart to be donated to River and asked her parents to make her part of the family. And so she bid her farewell to her family but she felt so happy like never before. But don't think the story ends with Rain. Because it is just getting started. As Rain live life through River and enjoying life. So join Rain and River through their journey in finding themselves, and how they master their struggles as they face life's ups and downs.