Timeless Regret, Beyond Boundaries Book

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Timeless Regret, Beyond Boundaries


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The world was shrouded in darkness. Buildings were on fire. Humans are dying. Different carcasses layed everywhere. The scent of iron and rust fills the air with the putrid smell of rotting flesh. Screams of pain, tears of grief, strange breaking noises are everywhere. A total chaos; this is the apocalypse. As one of the biggest factor of this chaos, I don't wish to be forgiven. I am not hoping to be saved. But if God really did exist. If he really was merciful as they've said he was. Will he still grant me a wish despite what the world has become because of us? If he did shows pity to me despite of it all, If the heavens give me one last chance, I would ask them to go back in time. Not to save the world nor to prevent this chaos from happening. I want to go back in time, not to correct my mistakes nor to stop the war of the supernaturals. But to see you again. If I can go back in time, I will not let you die. This time, I will protect you. I will not let even a drop of your blood fall in this chaos. And maybe, this time, I can finally tell you how deep these feelings I have for you. The words I couldn't say will finally leave my lips. What's deep in my heart can finally be realized. I will go back in time, only, to save you and be with you. Such selfish reasons, will God still allow it?


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