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Read Timeless Love novel written by the author astridzeng on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Historical Romance stories, covering romance, action, reincarnation, r18, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A tragic accident leads her to woke up into a new era she never knew before. Slowly learning about her new identity, she also learnt there was some connection between her former life and her current life. Woke up and found herself tied up and being kidnaped, no one believe her when she said she might be Jiang Xi Yu, the daughter of Duke Jiang from Luoyang. The two eunuchs, who saved her, brought her to served their sly, cunning wangye. After being forced to spend a night full of lust with the first Prince of the kingdom, she got the offer to become his sex slave. She, who believe she was a daughter from noble family, against him, who believe she belong to him from that night forward. Their fate started that way. From a night full of lust to forever be tangled in love.


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Holy Hell, I gotta leave a review. ^^ There might be four chapters, but each chapter is LONG. And not only are they long, but each chapter got my attention. I couldn't stop reading. They're addicting. Lol The storyline, the characters and the novel itself fascinated me. You got this girl who transmigrated to the past? A parallel world? Well, anyways, she doesn't receive any memories, so she's playing it with the amnesia card. And I love how the author puts people that resembles her former life into this new one, so she can somehow feel a little bit better being alone in a new place. Fantastic! Updates are slow, but each chapter is long and satisfying, but it makes you wish for more. Lol I wonder how the ML is gonna make her less scared of him after those two lust-driven nights, but Xi Yu is already thinking about him, her fated fiance. What about that Grand Chancellor's daughter, the MIL who is gonna hate her, and well, the ML better make his intentions clear, because Xi Yu knows your attempts to win the GC's daughter~~ Lmao Thank you for this novel, I can't wait for future updates. 😆


Love the intro so far. Can’t wait for more updates very captivating story. The chapters are pretty long to start so easy to get hooked on the story line


Wow... Just wow... I really got intertained with the story. For the four chapterx, a lot has already happened. I'll be looking forward to read more of the story!!! 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️


It's longer than it looks! Don't be scared away by the fact that there are only two chapters here, as chapter ONE is really very long, enough to properly immerse you in the story 😊 It starts out interesting.


GREAT. GREAT. GREAT. AUTHOR, YOUR BOOK IS JUST GREAT.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


This needs three more reviews to have a rating so I will give it three reviews... Even though this book has low updating rate... The chapters are long like a real book so I think you can over look that... Over all its 👌


I just decover this story and danm, it drew me in. It is very addicting, the story flow beautifully with plot twist and turn. The interaction between the main couple is also amusing, except I don't like the characteristic of the ml in the start of the story, I hope he repents and develops to the better afterwards and don't do things too hateful again. Finally. I waiting for the update, please. My heart is rotten just from curious about the next event. 😭


Thank you author-sama for this novel...One chapter in this novel probably 3 or 4 chapters in other novel..The longer the chapter, the fun to me to read..But my heart might be bleeding if this novel become premium..😝😝😝 anyway author-sama please don't give up this novel and keep writing until end..


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