Time TwisterTime Twister

Time Twister

by Silent_Dawn

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A man living in the future died unjustly and was reincarnated in a fantasy world where modern science and magic co-exist. How will he survive armed with his powers and system gifted by a benevolent God? Are there others like him? Can he go and visit his old world? What lies beyond the stars? Note: The first 6 years will be fast. The story really begins once he reached 7 years old. The novel is written to explain his experiences, feelings, and thoughts, how through time, he starts to change his outlook and beliefs, influenced by the beings around him, and how they are also influenced by him. First volume: 3 parts (roughly 200-250 chapters??) Second volume: 5-8 parts (roughly 350-600 chapters??) Third Volume: 5 parts (roughly 350-450 chapters??) Fourth Volume: 3-5 parts (roughly 250-350 chapters??) Will probably end here. Some milestones: Top 100 power stones ranking: 4 bonus chapters Top 90: 5 bonus chapters Top 60: 6 bonus chapters Top 10: 8 bonus chapters Top 9 to 2: 9 bonus chapters Top 1:12 bonus chapters 20 reviews - 2 bonus chapters [Complete] 50 reviews - 3 bonus chapters 100 reviews - 5 bonus chapters 300 Collections and a total of 10 reviews: 3 Bonus Chapters [Complete] 400 Collections and a total of 20 reviews: 5 Bonus Chapters [Complete] 500 Collections and a total of 25 reviews: 7 Bonus Chapters 1000 Collections and a total of 50 reviews: 10 Bonus Chapters

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