4 Chapter 4: First Steps

After what happened earlier, Leo decided to sleep knowing that he has nothing to hide anymore about his identity as an otherworlder. Early in the morning, he decided that he would focus on how to achieve time traveling by his current knowledge. He thought of methods that famous scientists procured over the years but there is only one plausible method which is traveling with the speed of light.

'Now that's a problem for me because our current technology doesn't allow it' Leo thought as he sighed. 'Why am I thinking so hard on time-traveling anyways? It's not like I have anything to change in my current life. Earth is so peaceful right now unlike my previous world where wars raged and killed many innocent people. I also have caring parents, people that actually love me. Maybe I should think more about it after I finish my studies at College it wouldn't be so late to do some trials or experiments'. Thinking of that he got up and did his morning drills. After doing that he meditated and sensed the condition of his body.

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"Still a long way to go before I get back to my peak." says Leo while checking his body.

"Arghhh I still can't use that cultivation method" while Leo says that his Mom comes in

"Are you talking to yourself? What cultivation method? You must be getting hungry because you're getting crazy talking to yourself like that. Come on we're now going have our breakfast let's talk about that on the dinner table." says Hannah. "Yeah, I'll be down in a minute Mom" says Leo while changing his shirt in embarrassment because his Mom caught him talking to himself.

Leonides got down the stairs as the aroma of the food entered his nose making him hungrier especially after he just did his morning drills.

"So um Son your mother was just talking about you being crazy earlier and what's with the cultivation technique? Is it another one of your crazy skills? Oh and sit down" Adam said then continues to sip on his coffee.

"It's actually quite different from what I showed you earlier. That was a battle technique which employs the physical and energy capabilities of your body while a cultivation technique is a technique that enhances and trains the physical and energy capabilities of the body" Leo says while sitting down and grabbing food.

"And why did you say that you can't cultivate it yet? Is there a certain requirement?" Hannah interjects while also eating

"Yes, there is one requirement Mom which is to reach the pre-human limit stage. You once trained your bodies to that state during your stay in the SAS. I searched about that special forces and their selection and training and with a bit of retraining maybe you could cultivate the technique."

Leo continues to explain "There are 9 levels to the technique: Human Limit, Harmonization of the Body, Bestowal of Energy, One with Energy, Attunement with Nature/Environment, Elemental Energy, Domain, Enlightenment of the Laws and Lawmaker/Ruler of Laws"

Hannah and Adam stared at each other for a few seconds then Adam asks "What level did you reach in your last life, Son?"

"I reached the fifth level but that was because I met my 3rd teacher late. I was already 25 when I met him with the level of Human Limit. He was at the Stage of Domain I don't know if he still lives right now because I died while fighting the generals of the emperor. Well anyways if you really want to train the technique you'll have to get back at your peak. Up until now, you've taught me about jungle survival, leadership and how warfare works in this world. Let me train you Mom and Dad as my gratitude to what you have given me until now." Leo says while swallowing a pancake.

"Oh, and mind you I'm not going easy on you." Leo jokingly said.

"Well might as well try it" Adam said.

"Yeah we'll try it in the afternoon but you're still gonna do the dishes, Son."

Leo becomes dejected after hearing his mom saying that he must do the dishes "Alright Mom".

After eating Leo washes the dishes and then rests for 3 hours then continues outside to practice Scian Eitilte and then eat lunch with his parents after that they got outside to train. Leo starts the training with friendly sparring. "You first Dad this time no more holding back" then Leo rushes to Adam with a punch. Adam adjusted his posture to combat stance and caught Leo's fist but was overwhelmed by the force behind it. 'Damn I forgot this child has a technique' Adam thought while taking 2 steps behind. Not letting go of this opportunity, Leo follows it up with a roundhouse kick to Adam's face. Adam barely ducked it then he proceeds to constrict Leo with his arms knowing he is superior in size. Leo then ducks on it and do a sweep kick on Adam's legs which made him fall to the ground Leo then stands up and does an ax kick to Adam's face. Adam puts his arms in front of his face and blocked it then proceeds to grab Leo's leg outbalancing him. Adam proceeds to drag Leo but Leo grabs some dirt and threw it at his eyes allowing him to kick Adam with his other in the chest making him flying and landing on the ground. Adam then got up while groaning never expecting that he would lose to his son.

"Well I did win because of the technique" Leo said while smirking.

"Yeah yeah, I get it" Adam stands up and cleans himself.

"You're next, Mom." Leo said while he's pats off the specks of dust.

"Is this your way of establishing your authority and superiority, Son?" Hannah said.

"In some way, I am letting you know that I am a capable person as your teacher right now, Mom." Leo said while changing into a battle stance

"Well anyways I was observing your raw power. All I have to do is avoid battling you head on" Hannah said as she also enters into a battle stance.

Leo then charges in with a punch like he always does, Hannah parries it retaliating with a punch Leo then parries it and grab it but suddenly she also grabs back and jumps on Leo like a snake going for a straight armbar putting her weight on that one arm resulting in Leo falling unto his knees.

'I've got no choice but to use my technique' Leo thought while gritting his teeth. Leo then uses it focusing all of his strength into 2 single points of his legs then jumps 3 meters in the air.

"What" said Adam while observing the sparring. His eyes widening, surprised by the turn of events.

Hannah who is also surprised by what just happened lets go of the straight armbar and lands on the ground on four limbs while Leo dropped on his back. They both stand up to recover then both charge towards each other exchanging blows. Parry. Punch. Parry. Kick. Parry. Kick. Then suddenly Leo pushes Hannah then steps on her right feet she wails because of her sudden imbalance which makes her susceptible to a punch in the liver. Leo not letting go of this opportunity steps in and punches her in the liver which stuns her whole body.

"Once you reach your opponent, be sure to destroy it." A voice echoes in Leo's head as he saw the silhouette of his 3rd teacher.

In a trance, Leo sent a flurry of punches towards Hannah to finish his opponent off suddenly forgetting that this was just training. Hannah immediately puts her guard even if she was weakened by the punch which shows that she's a veteran."Leo stop!" Adam shouts as he sensed Leo's killing intent seeping out of him. Leo then suddenly realizes that he wasn't correctly thinking and immediately stops. Hannah loosens her guards catching her breath from the sudden storm of attacks. Adam immediately supports Hannah and checks her for serious injuries.

"That's enough for today. Go and recuperate for our training tomorrow" Leo says realizing what he just did.

"I'm sorry, Mom. Some memories keep appearing to me I didn't know I was in a trance. I'll go back home first." Leo then leaves.