3 Chapter 3: The Warmth of a Family

Leonides' training continued until dinner which he felt that he is satisfied with his training. His mom and dad just happen to saw him training which prompted them to think what's driving their son so much that he would train to his limit. It is strange that during the sparring with their son is that they would feel as if they were fighting a veteran in a hand to hand combat except that it was their son and that their son had limited physical capabilities.

"Do you think we should talk to our son, Hannah?" Adam said.

Hannah nodded in understanding. "Mmmn. I feel like he has secrets that we don't know and besides, we also should tell him about 'that' too." Hannah responded in deep thought.

Hannah and Adam prepared the table and the meals for the dinner and called Leo to pause and eat so that they could talk to him. They sat down and prayed. The air seemed serious that Leonides noticed it so he didn't eat first but instead he looked through his parents.

"Mom? Dad? Is there a problem?" Leonides asked with worry on his face.

Adam was the first to speak " Son, are you keeping something from us?" while Hannah stared at Leonides with a solemn expression.

Leonides' face instantly darkens as a cold sweat ran from his neck not knowing what to answer. 'Ugh I know I've been too suspicious lately during sparring. They're soldiers too they must've felt the leak of killing intent back then and to add that I'm very smart for my age. This is gonna be a problem' as Leonides thought about his current circumstance.

An ensuing sigh came from Leonides' mouth as the situation turned out to be a headache because he has no alibi or reason to say at all. After all, they had their fair share of interrogations as part of the Special Air Service Force. They would know what is a lie or not.

"Mom. Dad. If I explain now I don't think you would believe me. Leonides said

"What makes you say that?" Adam asked in confusion.

" I reincarnated from another world and I was blessed with beyond genius level talent in the field of science."

"Son, tell me if you've read too many novels about fantasy because it's ruining your life," Adam said in a serious tone

"Leo, we are serious here because we noticed something different from," Hannah said while glaring at her son.

"I'm dead serious here, Dad," Leonides said while facepalming.

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"Mom, Dad haven't you noticed? That killing intent that leaked from me when we spar occasionally?"

Hannah and Adam stared at their child lost in a thought. Now that they think about it they feel it but if they wouldn't believe that their child would have that kind of aura or intent. After all, Leo was still a child through a genius he never really had blood in his hands when he arrived in this world one thing is for sure is that their instincts were telling them that Leo was experienced.

After thinking for a while Adam spoke "Son, let's say that we believe you even though it's ridiculous to do you have any evidence for it?"

Leonides sighed because he found it troublesome that he has to reveal one secret. 'At any rate, I can't say that I can mess with timelines and temporal relocation but I can reveal my flying knife technique'. Adam and Hannah looked into each other's eyes guessing possibilities what their son would do.

Leonides decided that he would show his flying knife technique after they ate. The dinner was very awkward because of the recent conversation. After they ate they stepped outside looking forward to what Leonides will do.

"Dad, do you have your army knife with you?" Leonides asked while reaching out for his hand to ask for it

'Fortunately, this technique of mine still works in this world or else I don't know what to substitute for my basic attacks when fighting' Leo thought as he smirked

Adam hands it to Leo then Leo stares at it and at the same time regulated his breathing and cleared his mind. Pointing at a tree aligned along with other 5 trees, he focused all his energy in his arm and feet and threw the knife in the most optimal position possible for the best result of penetrating trees.

Adam and Hannah's eyes widened in surprise while looking at each other thinking what the heck just happened. How did their son put so much power in one throw because it was not feasible for a human being to throw a knife with that kind of power

"So um shall we get the knife? Mom? Dad?" Leo said as he smiled.

"O-o- of course," Adam said still shocked by what just happened

At a loss for words, they tried to calm their mind. Hannah was in deep thought as she rewinds for information regarding about what just happened.

"Leo sweetie, isn't that a familiar technique from the monk's internal energy? I heard that the technique died approximately 200 years ago? But this is puzzling though according to the information that we had it wasn't this powerful."

"So there was also a similar technique called internal energy?" Leo not being surprised after all there are many possibilities in this world.

"Anyways what was is the name of that technique, son?" Adam asked curiously interjected

"I've never really named it but maybe I can call it Scian Eitilte?" Leo said after thinking for a bit

"Oh, Irish language. You really have a bad taste for naming things" Adam boringly said

"What we don't understand is that what are you training for anyway? You could just live a normal life like everyone. Not like me and your dad who always lived in secrecy you know that and with this new information things are bound to attract trouble if someone gets a whiff of this kind of technique especially considering that the technique could train super soldiers." Hannah scolding Leo though she really cared for her son because of her obvious worrying.

"Mom this has something to with my past life. You should know that power is everything especially you are in a military. I lived in a desolate world full of wars and it is kind of ironic for me to have my parents as soldiers but I'm also very thankful because I got to feel the warmth of having parents, unlike my past life." Leo said as he bitterly recalls his memories of the other world

Hannah hugged and caressed Leo as she said "Don't worry, son. From now on you, won't have to fight on your own. In fact, you don't have to after all your parents are strong and will protect you."

Adam nodded and also hugged Leo " That's right, son. After all, even if you came from another world you are still our son and we love you."

Leo for the first time felt that he could be defenseless with other people after all the constant doubt and alertness in his last life. He could finally rest even for a moment and the sudden burst of emotions overcame him as he cried in the bosom of his mother as Hannah continued to caress him

"It has been a long day- no a journey for you, son. Though we can't still fully digest what the events happened how thing come to this remember that we are still your parents" Hannah said in a doting manner

"Yeah. Thanks, Mom. Dad. Really I appreciate." Leo as he calmed down.

They then walked home and rested for the day as Leo thought 'Sorry Mom though I didn't lie I hid a secret because internal energy is somehow the answer to my time traveling'..

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