Time Pilgrims Book

novel - Fantasy

Time Pilgrims

Dennis Higgins

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  • 150 Chs

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Time Pilgrim, Katya is a strong, independent young woman plagued with a condition known as temporal amnesia. She can’t remember what year she is from and is trying desperately to locate her family. Because of Katya’s time displacement and amnesia, she has not matured beyond the age of twenty-two. She becomes a sponge in every time period she visits, soaking up the culture and instantly becoming one with the period. Beautiful Time Pilgrim, Cathy Callahan found love at the most unexpected time and place…1906 in the San Francisco Earthquakes. The trouble is she fell in love 110 years before she was born. Could her best friend Dawn, keep her from staying in the past? Follow the adventures of the Time Pilgrims as they travel to many fascinating times of the past. The American Civil War, The Great Chicago Fire, World Fairs, Earthquakes, The Twin Towers on 9-11, a party in the 1980s. Time Pilgrims is created by Dennis Higgins, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.