1 Chapter 1: Night Crimson

In crimson night Several corpses lay strewn on the ground, the once joyful streets drowned in the silence of the night. "Mommy!" Next to the corpse of a woman, there was a child kneeling hugging a corpse with hands covered in blood. "Mommy why don't you move!!!...". Tears were streaming down the boy's face, although the boy already knew that his mother was dead, he did not want to accept it.

After several attempts to wake her up, the despair could be seen on the boy's face and then something happened, an incredible headache attacked him, clutching his head with his hands, his eyes soaked in tears, those eyes black as night began to change, his right eye was changing to scarlet red, there was a small black tail sign in it, while his left eye was changing to a golden color, manifesting in it an inorganic looking clock, the hands of the clock pointing directly towards XII.

After the change occurred, the pain lessened until it disappeared. Taking a breath the boy rubs his hand over his face. "Is this it?" withdrawing his blood stained hand from his mother the boy murmured. "I get it... I remember everything" Saying these words the child once again turned his head towards his mother's body, again tears streamed down his face. "Mom, I'm going to avenge you.... I promise I will make those who did this to you pay!".

Looking up at the crimson moon, he closed her eyes slightly. "Ha" Letting out a slight sigh he opened his eyes slowly "Elohim" * Tick tock Muttering these words, his small body was covered with darkness along with a clockwork sound, after a few seconds his clothes were replaced by a jet black hood with crimson patterns, black pants equally with crimson patterns combined with long black boots "I'll be right back mom" just like an illusion his body was swallowed by the darkness, leaving the streets silent once again.


"Aghrr! " "Who the fuck are you!!!? " "Kyahh!" Screams of pain and curses could be heard, corpses kept piling up forming pools of blood, however despite all this the masked man didn't care. "Die damned!" Said a man whose scarlet red eyes glowed in the darkness, brandishing his katana, short towards the masked man.

An evil grin formed on his face, as he imagined himself cutting down his wife's killer. However despite having the time to dodge, the masked man simply let the weapon cut him, the look in his eyes was as if he saw a dead man. Once the katana touched his body "Damn bastard!" said the boy who in turn the moonlight reflected on his face, his eyes glowed with hatred.

"Hmm" putting his hand on his chin the masked man looked at the small figure with interest, he could clearly see that the stranger with the weird clothing was a boy, however that is not what interested him, but rather his eyes, at a young age the sharingan was awakened in one of his eyes, but that is not what interested him the most but rather his golden left eye.

The masked man could see the hatred in that look, but he still didn't care. "It's a pity, but I have to kill him" said the masked man, while shaking his head although he seemed reluctant to kill him in reality he didn't care "How dare you damn you! .... Die!" Holding a kunai the boy started to run to stab the masked man Seeing that the masked man shook his head and simply waited and just like the previous man, the boy dared his body "Huh?" "How young" Seeing that he pierced his body the boy walked a little before falling, a kunai could be seen piercing his body. "What a pity" muttered the masked man before continuing to walk but.

*Bang, Bang The sound of two gunshots rang out into the night. The bullets pierced through the masked man's body causing him to stop his steps, the masked man turned his head and looked in one direction. Standing on the ceiling was a boy holding a strange weapon, seeing this the masked man's eyes widened in surprise, not because of the strange weapon, but rather because it was the boy he had just killed.

Turning his head back slightly he noticed that the boy's corpse had disappeared "Genjutsu?" he immediately thought it was an illusion, but at the same time he also dismissed the idea, being a sharingan wielder it was impossible for him to be caught in a genjutsu, such a feat was not possible for someone of the kage level much less a child.

Then there was the fact that he had felt that he pierced the boy's body with the kunai, adding to the confusion. "What's going on?" said the masked man before looking at the boy again. "My bullets didn't work," said the boy, sweat accumulating on his forehead.

"My chakra is depleting fast" Gritting his teeth hard the boy raised his voice "Damn bastard! Why don't you die!"

"If you want to kill me, you'll have to do better than this" said the masked man showing interest, he really wanted to know what had happened a moment ago, (Maybe it's his Dojutsu? ... No, he has barely awakened the sharingan)

Putting a hand on his chin he looked down at the boy with interest, thinking that if he looked carefully at the boy next time he would understand, so he decided to provoke him. "So, that's it? You little mouse" "I'll kill you you bastard!" (Damn! I've almost exhausted my chakra..)

Wiping the sweat on his forehead the boy was breathing heavily (Well, I'll have to use that...even if I can't kill him, I'll at least cut off one of his arms! .) Raising one of his arms to the sky, a shadow came out of his body and continued to expand until it reached a diameter of 200 meters.

Looking with the sharingan the masked man could see that a gigantic shadow came out of his body and thus blended around him Although he could dodge he did not do so as he was curious about what he was doing, besides he also thought that a child whose chakra was almost empty did not pose a threat Undeterred the masked man continued to stare at the child, with a calm gaze, but that didn't last long, as he noticed that the child's chakra point grew and kept growing "Interesting" although it looked like some sort of chakra absorption Ninjusto or seal like that of the legendary Sannin, although it was rare due to a child using it, it wasn't that impressive (But. ...why does my body feel different? ) Noticing something strange on his body the masked man raised his guard (This is it?!...) Opening his eyes in shock the masked man once again.

"He's stealing my chakra! " "Looks like you figured it out, well it wasn't that hard after all" A cruel smile formed on the boy's face. "Now get ready to die you bastard! ... Come to my Zafkiel! "

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