9 Chapter 9-Land of Nod/Cold Mountain

"Why on earth would I carry a match or lighter in my sleep? Do I look like I carry a pocket in these pants?" pointing downwards, he answered irritably, this woman is amusing him in the wrong way he thought.

"Pajamas!" She corrected him, smiling, the idea of him in that superman pajamas is by far the most entertaining of all and yet erotic, she giggled mentally.

"Just kidding, I have one here in my pocket, why won't you get me some twigs perhaps? I could use a little help I'm frozen to death" she added dramatically.

"No, Catherine, I am not your slave so go get it yourself and start a fire. I don't even care if you freeze, wait who was Elsa?" He muttered.

Ignoring him, she murmured, "I hate this man, Aahhh, I hate him back and forth Pajamas or not." chuckling again, picking up some twigs behind him and suddenly stopped.

"Wait, seriously? you don't know who Elsa is?" She asked, shocked clearly on her face.

"No. And do I look like I care Catherine?" He loves her name running smoothly through his lips. Feeling something odd however it was giving him longing for something or someone. It was a feeling that he couldn't explain.

"Where the hell have you been? on Mars? Who on earth doesn't know who Elsa is? Every kid, every parent everyone on this planet recognizes her, everywhere! So you don't know who is Olaf? Anna?" She shouted back trying to gain her bearing, picking up more twigs. Shocked and amused.

Silence, he didn't answer her back.

He decided to ignore her rather.

"Find then, It was a movie okay? the title is Frozen, it was a movie back 2013, blockbuster animation; and who won two Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song and so on, and yet you didn't know this?" She asked. Still surprised that he didn't know it all.

"No," he was confused and the lurking irritation lurking on his mind was visible in his face even from a mile away.

"I can't believe this, oh dear old Olaf somebody's frozen heart needs to have your summer." She scoffed facing him and added, "Do you wanna build a snowman?" She asked, then paused... She sang the next line...giggling she couldn't contain her laugher.

"Woman, what the heck are you laughing about? Sean asked her while seating down, a little smile visible on his face, watching her so carefree makes his heart beat faster, and some unknown feelings were about to surface, but he ignores them.

"Your life is boring as hell." She teased.

"You know what, I'm going to tell you the story, you poor poor poor soul." She exaggeratedly added.

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"A long long time ago, in the kingdom far far away..."

"Catherine! Hell, Stop! Stop!" he yelled at her, eyes threatening, the burst of his anger is perceptibly on the edge.

She stopped, still giggling.

She had been secretly ecstatic that he hates it when she annoyed him, Catherine was loathed to spend ridiculous amounts of energy here in the Land of Nod if she was alone, she'd left already; returned to her bed, with her yellow silky duvet covered her warmly, but Ni! she was stuck on this mountain with him, and she's been astounded when on many occasions thereafter she crack Sean's shells a little.

She doesn't want to leave him here alone, with the unknown; and Dang! why does her name sound so erotic on his lips? She kind of likes it when he calls her by her name, less the sneer of course. She hated it

But why does it sound so romantic or erotic,? he sounds like a lover calling the love of his life when in reality he even looks ridiculously cute in his pajamas.

Nevertheless, she dislikes the way he rigidly maintained that cold, formal professional relationship with her, and she knew she drove him crazy mentally, but he was yet to disappoint her.

She wonders if he's cold or not, and maybe not, he doesn't appear to be freezing at all, unlike her, she couldn't even feel her fingers; without a coat on and without the gloves, it feels like she's holding a block of ice.

Silently complaining about the cold she gathers some more twigs and some small useable branches; while him being the Zeus himself just observing her without even a single blink.

Wait. What? Was he... Was he sleeping?

He isn't blinking at all he looks lost in his thoughts!

Tearing up some more twigs, She lights it up with her hands, concentrating, hoping that Sean won't notice her.

When it's done she slowly very carefully walk through the god of the underworld hades-super-yummy-hot himself. Okay, find. Maybe she was exaggerating a little but he looks good in his pajamas, with those abs and those arms ha! She could get used to this. She thought.

"Mr. Walton, are you okay? You look a little pale."

"I'm fine, now that your fire is up, shall we proceed on this important matter in hand? He responded, sighing while walking through the mini bonfire she'd made with her so-called match.

He won't notice anyway, so she won't tell him that she never had a match in her pocket in the first place, and basically, the fire on this Land of Nod was her friend, her long lost only friend;

However what's more important right now was him walking slowly in front of her, taking smalls steps lost in his thoughts; and that my friend was the best idea he ever had made.

Damn! watching him walk away with pajamas. Those butt cheeks are amazing! Smiling to herself, she wonders if how would it feel if she will touch those fancy little butt.

However, Catherine cursed as she felt the biting cold chill on her bones as she moved closer to the fire. She shivered and touches her face with both hands, warms it up. She groaned this was becoming increasingly difficult to have a conversation with this man.

A moment later, she stood up.

"Did you hear that?" She asked in a panic voice, she'd never heard those sounds before, deafening and ear-splitting coming from above the Smokey mountain.

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