7 Chapter 7-Land of Nod-Cold Mountain

He was more together surprised that she'd have the guts to look amused.

She stared at him blankly, speechless even. She came to stand in front of him, her silky blond hair blown by the wind and her big brown eyes so innocent and yet confused. He thought to himself was this a hallucination? How could she look so real and beautiful at the same time?

Catherine has turned her face sharply.

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"I have no idea." Chuckling.

Then a look of shocked alarm came into her face as he wondered why, until he recognized that she had been staring unto his clothes, up and down, and was laughing. Her laughter was so free and pure, so innocent despite her adult years. It came to her ears as a tickle and bounce - and only a flimsy heart could do anything but join in such considerable laugh.

Suddenly he realized he was on his unfashionable open neck shirt-superman pajamas, and at that moment he knew he was beyond embarrassed.

And at the time the embarrassment was immense, and he could have hidden as a child may have, but it was time to own it and shows that he was more grown-up than all that, with an inner strength of a superhero he had dismisses her laughter.

He pinched the bridge of his nose.

"You think this was funny? Wasn't this what they call hallucination with fun?"

"It's not supposed to be funny!" He theatrically protested, watching the woman half-smiling this time, running a hand through his hair to neat it out as much as possible. He hates it when the wind messes it up.

When he was done adjusting himself he bent down over her. Then he leaned into her ears then whisper. "Don't forget I'm still your boss Catherine."

"Oh common, relax! take a deep breath, in and out, in and out" she smirked, never taking her eyes that were full of energies enthusiastically.

His hunger for her lips increased at the sight of them. He wanted to devour her.

Wait, What kind of dream was this? Making him poetic. He irritably thought.

Following her stupid suggestion, he asked himself, was he even here? Or this was all just a figment of his imagination?

How did he end up here? Or is he just a character plucked from his concealed deepest fantasies? A creation of his unconscious mind? He asked himself. Surprised! That was a big word. Yet, this place was something out of the ordinary.

"Call it whatever you want..." She shrugged then trailed off, "I'm tired and cold. I don't want to deal with any drama right now but maybe, you are right!"

"Maybe this is real? Believe me, besides I have been here often, and trust me I could walk on this terrain blindly if I want to." She smirked. "Or maybe Mr. Walton you are in my dreams."

He looks at her questionably, eyes blurring he looks at her, really looks at her. This was all just too odd for him. Something was undeniably odd.

"But don't fret, your confusion we'll be gone when you wake up anyway! You won't even remember a thing." She added confidently.

He was still in a confused state of shock to even muster anger.

"Are you sure? But if this was our dream or I don't know....." his curiosity was aroused, "How can I talk to you so vividly? I have never had such experience before!"

"Bet you haven't" She retorts back while trying to fight the numbness on her soft and delicate hands.

"You do know this was a dream, don't you? none from the Real-world I knew of were here! Except you, now! nor I recall any conversation like this or had a conversation with."

"Yes, and won't I recall this either?" He asked her then rubbed the stress from his eyes. His confusion was evident from miles away.

"I don't know, I have no idea I don't even know how are you here or why are you here, in The Land of Nod. " She smiled dramatically, that smile wasn't the prettiest thing he had seen in a while, for it did not extend to her eyes and deep into her soul. It looks miserable.

"You name this dreamland "The Land of Nod? how original" He mocked with the little smile on his lips, looking around trying not to look intimidated by her big sparkling green-brown eyes.

"Yes! Mr. I'm-so-confuse, at least I didn't name it Dreamland." Catherine ridiculed.

"Seriously, do all memories of our conversations will be wiped clean after I woke up? Or I'll remember them? "He implored sternly while Catherine stood there in a fitted shirt; gone was the girl in the office earlier.

There was something in the way that she stood, pride in herself that was so wonderful to see. He could say that she had blossomed as flowers do. So elegant and beautiful, giving of her inner beauty so willingly. He knew though at that moment, her clad skin in perfect silky white, that she was ready for the big wide world or this world. THE LAND OF NOD.

As much as he would have loved to keep her, she belongs to herself, the keeper of her destiny. He wonders why the shirt brought such feelings, for it is the woman inside it who means something to him?

It's getting on his nerves, he became poetic even. And that was scary! He cringed.

Does Sean even remember her name? This was shocking, she never recalls introducing herself to him earlier in the office, or did she? Catherine thought, that alone brought a smile to her face. Making her laugh as she chose to answer him back, a plan running wild into her head.

"You are lucky enough to survive in this place, you know! those ugly creatures who bit you were poisonous, and it bit you in your left arm am I right?" She asked trying not to smile, much to her relief as the wind grow vulnerable against this snowy mountain; her muscles working all the more.

Sean paled in no time, looking at his swollen arms. How could she know that? Sean asked himself. This is his dream, right? How could she know that? This is by far the most insane dream he'd ever had. How did she know so much? Sean wondered. Walking slowly, checking on the snow-covered mountains. He wondered why the cold did not bother him at all. He was in his pajamas for heaven's sake. Why does this place feel so familiar that he could almost taste the wind? After all, it is not every day one is lost in his dream or consciousness or even converse with somebody whom he doesn't expect to exist in his dream. He decided to calm his senses first and then continued to ask.

"What about these swollen arms? This was not real was it?" He asked attentively.

Catherine smiled, albeit in a devilish way. Didn't even bother to answer him back, instead, she pretended not to listen and hum a song instead.

"Catherine," He shouted furiously and still no responds.

"How can my subconscious mind be so harsh to play such tricks on me?" He wondered aloud. There were millions of questions that run through his head.

"Mr. Walton, have you forgotten sarcasm and wit are two things you are good at? What are you so afraid of?" She added teasingly. Carefully, connecting his words in a certain line of reasoning.

"I'm not afraid!" He yelled loudly. Maybe a little but there was no way he would let her knew that he thinks that this is just a product of his hallucination gone bad slash sleeping pills overdose.

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