6 Chapter 6-Land of Nod/Cold Mountain

That very same night, she had the feeling of unleashing and welcoming yet odd; she was frightened to even close her eyes, but her bed was her oasis. She had always had a little sparkle of joy before falling asleep. She was that way from childhood. Her bed was her favorite thing, and it made her as happy as any other treatment. And when her thoughts became nonsense, and more fascinating, she knew she was falling asleep. Now all she had to do was let go.

Someone sneaked into her bed and crawled his hand into her nightgown, near her perfect mountains. He heard her gasp when he sucked one of her buds. He doesn't care if anyone could hear her moaning his name outside her bedroom. Besides, he just needed a release.

"God! Mr.Walton, stop it!" She tried to push him away, but he automatically slid his hand through her nightgown and touched her where it was wet and moist. Their emotions were on the high and before they knew it, they began to kiss passionately. As they kissed gently with their eyes shut. He heard her little moan, whispering him to go even further. .Mr.Walton ran his hands through her nightgown and pulled it apart. For a second, they parted their lips and looked into each other's eyes. There was something so disarming about seeing her naked.

There's a vulnerability in her eyes he can't resist. His eyes travel from her face to her collar bone, delicate in the semi-darkness, then to her breasts. Without lingerie they sit lower, more real, less close together, each so perfect and molded to her form. He didn't linger too long, just enough for him to see how marvelous she was to him. It's her eyes he wanted to see and his hands can tell him the rest. He heard her little moan that she wanted to conceal yet couldn't. She was soft and her breasts so warm, so responsive to the touch. As soon as his hand was upon them her kisses shifted, richer, more luscious. She wants him inside her now, she could almost feel the moist running down from her core.

Mr.Walton was tasting her, licking every flesh making her moan and whimper for more. She was beyond saving now, she wanted more then suddenly everything went black, she was shivering from the cold as she lands in the cold mountain.

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Unlike the earlier dreams, these dreams, these dreams she was having now was different. His sword found a sanctuary in her rib cage, forcing its way into her precious heart. That strain again! Oh please, not this time it stings so bad! It's unbearable. But nothing hurts more than the expression in his eyes, his contempt clear as his mouth pulled tight in a grin. A hollow broken shell! The bitterness! The eye of a lover whose free from suffering. Bile surged her throat as she glimpsed a broad smile extend into a jeer, that moment she knew her face had paled. But why?

WHY? The fuck I'm here and not on the bed, moaning and screaming Mr. Walton's name? Aghh!

The roaring winds were chilly and awful in a rage against the winter blasts, the clear skies were silent and a quantity of snow which has been blown in this way was a pile-up. That memory, with him stabbing her heart, puzzled her as every time it crosses into her deepest thought, she could feel the pain as it's so real that somehow she thinks maybe it happened and not just here in the Land of Nod. It goes in and out into her thoughts as the wind blows, chilling her face. Who was the man?

As she walked, she felt something familiar within her, something tingling. Sinister but welcoming.

She comes to a sudden stop, as a scent

Lingering in the open; an essence she was all too acquainted with, like a fresh flower! She tilted her nose in the air closing her eyes allowing it to lead her where the whiff was going stronger.

When it's the strongest, she stops and opens her views; she was standing in front of the enormous tree with icy draping branches, and the underside was a large, superman pajamas and some nice-looking butt cheeks, SUGAR IN MY COFFEE, she thought. Wait.

A body?

A man?

Is that him?

Is that Mr. Dickhead Walton?

Amazed is more than the words she could think of right now or maybe more than anxious. Okay! This was her dream, so why was he here? She asked herself.


Sean was awake, and beyond amazing, he was alarmed, and something deadly bit his arm? Where did he get that ugly looking poisonous bite?

A moment passed, maybe, and the only thought that kept drumming through his head was...no-no-no! It recited with every sluggish, unbearable beat of his heart. It could not be true, not in his nightmare.

Catherine was beyond surprised. How on earth? Why is he here? In the Land Of Nod? In Cold Mountain? Is this why the reason she dreamt of him earlier on his bed? How is this possible?

Sean regained his senses and his reasoning, unable to believe or fathom what just happened. He spoke up but found no words. He determined to move towards something, as if to make a point, but felt too weak to even raise a finger., he took a deep breath and thought again. He gave it another effort to better comprehend this bizarre event.

Sean shrieked and release all of his pent-up emotions of fright, erupting in a series of angry barbs.

“What the heck's going on? Where the hell am I? Oh, God! As far I can remember I was just sleeping on my bed....” He snapped and trailed off, his voice was breathless, eyes already closing, he tried to stay focused.

He looked over and turned towards her, this woman in his dream. Was Catherine?

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