50 Chapter 50-Ending

Catherine felt nothing, yet she did not flinch as she took him apart. She did not feel his potent shadows; she did not even flinch; She became animalistic, her eyes were blazing and finally, she summons her fire from the dept of her soul, she engulfed him until he was nothing but ashes.

She was untouchable, like an island of the lantern in a murky sea of turmoil, and she thanked her good achievement that, out of all the people who wanted him dead, she was the one to finally bring him to his knees.

Furthermore, she heard a whisper, “Catherine, please come back, please come back to me. He's dead, he won't hurt us again, come on love, fight it, the battle for us, fight for our future.”

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Something caught to her mind, something comforting voice that ripped through the twilight mist in her mind, it brought her back from the edge of darkness.

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