5 Chapter 5-Land of Nod/Lucid Dream

Everyone on the bus was looking at her like she had grown a horn. Uncomfortable, she looks down and puts on her glasses.

Alone and unhappy, all she wanted was to get rid of that dream, the dream that somehow invaded her lonely nights. Giving her pain heartaches. But this time it was a slight difference. The man who freed himself and journey over the leaf has a deal with. A face she knew. A face that earns her a shiver and hopes that she had never met him! Oh, God!! Why him? Why not Henry Cavil? Or Ryan Gosling? She could use a hard sugar in her so-boring-life. She dreamed.

She assumes all her daydreams were just like those that everyone on the planet has. Yet, Catherine's dream was different. Her daydreams weren't rainbows and bursts of sunshine however her dreams became her reality.

She was more alive in The Land of Nod than in the actual world. She called it The Land of Nod as it sounds fancier than the dreamland, by the way.

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Not only that, but she recalled her mother used to tell her about the hidden meanings of her dreams. Likewise, she told her once that there were many theories about dreams that deny they have any considerable meaning at all. Yet, her unexpected reasoning about dreams was that they were little films that Catherine encounter and take part in.

But, if dreams are films, do they have producers and script-writers and directors and all the other crew required to make one? Catherine asked that and somehow her mom would then explain to her that her dreams were non-lucid, that her dreams were often bizarre and incoherent. And just a simple thought. Nothing out of ordinary.

And her mother assumed that most of them were forgotten when she awakens. That was what she often broached, by the way. Unbeknownst to her, Catherine could recall every single dream she had since forever. Catherine could even conflict with those characteristics in her dreams with those of a film.

Yet, her dreams were like the creation of a cinematic movie; it is a purposeful activity. She could show an overall scene which was something like: to give the movie-goer an exciting, emotional, disturbing, or satisfying experience, and they might want to ask if she could ascribe a similar purpose to her dreams? Yes. She could! That was why she called it the Land of Nod.

At first, she could not recall her dreams from the last dream cycle, the one before waking, but in the long run; when the dreams have developed into the most chaotic and odd she could now remember altogether. Yet, at an early age, she does not have any solid theory about dreaming, so it was particularly easy for her to have an open mind. She believes that there were many possibilities (some stranger than others) of what happens in the state of her consciousness and why was she dreaming of some peculiar places she'd never been before. She had many memorable dreams and some even paranormally odd, as it was very difficult to categorize them or what they meant.

She knew that there was the possibility that her dreams were constructed by a dream-maker (if there are any) she bet she was the dream maker or maybe part of her was the dream maker, as Catherine often seems that there was an alternative interpretation of her non-lucid dreams to lucid because somehow it intensifies as her experience goes beyond human perspective.

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