11 Chapter 11-Land of Nod/Adah

She had sampled her blood many times as she bit the inside of her cheeks from chewing too hard, but she tasted a metallic iron; never spicy and sweet, though.

And something comes to her as she drank its blood; there was a feeling of fire, the warmth the flows through her veins, her vision blurring, and she seemed too heated her strength was folding a hundred times over.

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The creature was shocked, seeing that the wound on her arm could be seen closing on its own and the burning cools to a dull ache. The remaining blood on her arm was glowing bright, so bright that she wanted to close her eyes, but she dare not! She felt the power within her blossom faster.

The fire, the anger, the pain, the sadness, and the darkness inside her light up. And suddenly, she felt reborn.

Sean's frightened face in a distance was beyond surprised. He was hiding in the snowy rock, trying not to get near the creature. A moment passed, maybe more and the only thought that kept battering through his brain was. No! He has to help her. But out of shocked his mind would even let his feet run towards her.

The Lamia Aegeus snaps out of its stupor and snatches its wrist from her mouth. In that second, it backhands Catherine across her face. Catherine's head whips to the side and the smack echoed around them. A little blood flies from her lips from the split the creature just gave her.

But she didn't feel any pain at all. Catherine instead roars. It kicked her in the belly. Then the creature jumps off her with the grace of a dancer and landed a kick again to Catherine's gut.

She clenched over in surprise, grasping her stomach, willing it to stop as it feels like a pat. It surprised her even more.

It steps back, stunned, as Catherine didn't struggle it back. She treads on towards the creature, now she realizes that it was a half-woman- half-snake, as its hidden face earlier was evident to her now. It strides back, agitated, and a look of shock was clear in its eyes. The creature looks alarmed at that moment. Catherine reaches down with both her trembling hands she pushes it as hard as she could. The creature stumbled, pain obvious in its face as Catherine reach down, gripping it by the throat and holding it midair.

Again Catherine would have been amazed by her surprise strength if she wasn't mid-air as well. Then they both dropped unto the ground. They were stunned as it compelled her to stand up; Catherine felt the darkness blurring her eyesight.

The creature spoke in a trembling voice. It looked at her and stiffens “Forgive me, a descendant of the Mark, for I was mistaken, I will eternally be your guardian.” When remorse wracks the creature it would do anything to make amends, that's when the creatures find it and tell Catherine it regrets, it could be more, it could be better, it could even walk in Catherine's way if she demands it.

Yet, Catherine was having difficulty to understand its words as the blackness creeping around the edge of her vision. She took huge mouthfuls of air into her lungs, while Sean runs towards her.

The creature then said. “Spare me, I will give you the prophecy coin and I will serve you.” The creature added with hope. Handing her the ancient prophecy gold coin, just like in her dream, the coin is archaic-looking, yet it gave her a sense of connection.

As she took it and lay it in her pocket, she leans up a little to her right as Sean held her trembling body. She then looks into the creature's teary eyes. Catching her breath Catherine checked the punctures on his arm touching it. She then commands it to close, and it is closed.

Impossible. Catherine thought. How in the world did that happen, there was something in her propel to touch it, as she took the coin in her outreached hand. An image flashes back to her biting the creature and drinking its blood, then she shook it off in desperation to live. She cringed from that vision.

“I am bound to you offspring of the Mark.” It said in a powerless voice then added, “Just call my name whenever you are in danger; my name is Lamia Aegeus Adah the keeper of the first prophecy coin.” The creature knew it had done something more than dreadful when it had to bit so hard to justify its anger. The more demanding the reparations of its subconscious, the worse it understood it was.

Catherine stared at it, she couldn't even fathom it, only the creature was gone: vanished without a single sound. She glanced up at Sean standing keeping most of her weight off her ankle. It's time to go out of here before she passes out. Once on her feet, she felt it. Her heart thumps hard on her chest. The pain is unnatural; almost otherworldly bringing her to her knees.

Sean panicked, “Are you okay?” He asked, helping her stand once more than she questions him “Do you even learn how to get out? Do you realize how to wake up?”

“No!” He answered, he looked confused. His confusion was simply anxiety in a different cloak, it was when his brain defocused in an attempt to allow the shocking event through.

“You mean, to return to the actual world?”

“Yes,” She responded while trying to stay awake.

“No!” Squeezing his views from embarrassment.

“Okay, just picture out you were in your bed, your room, visualize something familiar then close your mind, you'll be there. Sean, I couldn't hold it any longer. I'm drained, I need to go back.” Gathering the courage to speak up.

Mumbling like she doesn't have enough time to do what she needs to do. Her words were crowded together and some were missing. Her sentences were shattered and her thoughts seem to jump from one thing to another. Sean fears for her as she was beyond pain. Her face was red and her eyes bloodshot. She took one step toward him and fell on the floor, trembling, not controlling her mind or body.

“I'm sorry, Catherine, I couldn't help you sooner." He knew, he was so confused, yet it was when his fear scatters his thoughts to promote the likelihood of a subconscious solution finding its way through survival advantage.

"I'm still shocked right now. I don't know what to do. What happened earlier was beyond me!” Embarrassed. Gone was the man from earlier. His mind was still coping with the fact of her fighting with something out of his nightmare. He was shocked and the more he contemplated it over the more his brain becomes a spinning top, always finding more questions than answers. The strange part was there was a familiarity to it, he just couldn't shake, not a memory per se, but echoes that call to his reasoning.

“I understand Sean don't worry you can do it.” The burning of her chest rises to an unbearable level as she screams and withers on the ground.

Sean looks at her in surprise as she was gone, vanished! He glances upward, his mouth pursed but slightly open and loose. Yet, his veins feel like it's about to burst, then he visualizes his bed and his room as advised.

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