Till Our Worlds CollideTill Our Worlds Collide

Till Our Worlds Collide

by Wateristubeg

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Celestina is tired of her family’s expectations. When her parents decided whom she would Marry. She could not take it. Running away from her family is the best thing she can ever do, even if it’s against her parents' will. She realized that it’s time for her to decide on her own and be independent. So she decides to stay at her ex-Nana’s home for a while. Meeting new people that will make a great impact on her life. Of course, she can't just stay there and run away from her problems. She’s determined to go back to her parent’s house and talk with her parents once again to resolve things and to cancel her suppose to be marriage. But what if things suddenly go wrong on her way? A place where she’s lost. Faces of people whom she never knew. Feelings that are strange to her. They talk, They became friends, Their relationship got better, And they got engaged. But now she has one thing to wish… It’s for their little world to meet again. ------------------------------------------ Sorry for the wrong grammar and typos. English is not my first language btw. You can criticize my work and get in touch with me by messaging me on discord: Wateristubeg#0479

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