1 Naruto Uzumaki

Today is the day I died.I'm satisfied with the life I had.had a beautiful wife and a son that I'm proud of.I died at the age of 78.As a highly trained ninja in a  dangerous society not manny get to die in a warm bed with a smile on their faces.

'but still this is the afterlife..I expected a little bit more..'I was in  a dark place not felling much. But suddenly something happend finally a portal has opened and within hands that grabed my legs,'wait a second legs?!!'.what I saw after that was unexpected..I saw a nurse  cleaning me then gived me to a beautiful red haired woman.the red woman said"look Minato he has your hair!" The Blond man next to the nurse said while smiling "you are right Kushina,hello Naruto" 'so my new name is Naruto huh,welp that's something'o felt the need to sleep now and so I did.The next I opened my eyes we were outside I could hear the red woman named Kushina saying"M-Minato,you don't plan on using that that r-right?!"her face was full of despair and panic,she looked tired

Her hair was like hair was like burning,fiery flames dancing along the wind, however she was heavily injured."I'm sorry Kushina he is the only choice, he'll be the hero of the Hidden Leaf,I'll seal half of Kyuubi on myself and  the remaining half on Naruto"Minato said his face was grim choosing his own son to seal a demon wasn't hia first choice but he looked triedamd he also was injured.Suddenly,the beast called Kyuubi,had golden chains all over its body raised its claws and descendet it,to attack the newborn as revange or maybe as a last resort only he knows that.."No!!"both couple shouted as they stopped the attack,the beast roared in anger as his attack was stoped by them however Kushina ignored it and looked at me..started crying and smiling at the same time knowing that may be the last time she is gone see her son.."My little Naruto I'm sorry that I won't be able to stay with you  nor your father that we are gone leave you alone,I know your life isn't going to be an easy one as you are gone be soon the contaimer of that damn fox..but please grow well,be sure to eat healthy make a lot of friends and also please don't forget to find that special person that you love..that special person that is gone stay with you when you need it when you are at the bottom and also when you are at your highest I love you my Naruto" tears gathered at her eyes I could feel the warm on them as they dropping on my face..however Kushina continued "My Naruto don't let the pain and suffering cloud your eyes please find a goal and live on,I believe in you,I want to stay more with you,teach you...life isnt fair" she said thouse final words as her eyes closed slowly as Hiruzen and a few ninja looked,their expression saddened..Minato looked at Kushina as his eyer were filled with tears "Please look after ny Son,my little Naruto..Hiruzen.." then he looked at me and said"Little Naruto we've only met but know  that I'll always be your father I love you Naruto..." he siad as he made few hand seals and clapped his hands"Kyuubi its time for you to be sealed!" Afterwards I felt pain,pain of losing my parents,I only knew them for little but they sacrifice d their life for me,my new life..I will necer forget my past life but that life endet this is my new one and I m gone honour them both as their son.I closed my eyes I felt exhausted...

A few weeks passed as the funerals of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki was held,the emtire village was sad,allot of dear ones died at the claws of Kyuubi that night,the Man named Hiruzen Sarutobi was forced to take the hokage duties one again as he was the previous hokage..alive 'Minato I m gone protect Naruto how I can' as he ordered the the ninjas that knew the identity of Minato's son.

"No one is allowed to say a word about Naruto's true identity,this is an S-Rank secret, if this information is leaked the punishment for it is death!" His chakra pressure could be felt be evryone in room. All said simultaneously"YES HOKAGE-SAMA!" As everyone left the room a shadow appeared and said "Hiruzen give me the child I can train him make him a weapon for our vilage" Hiruzen looked at him and said" I'm sorry Danzo but I  can't, I promised that I m gone let him havea normal childhood"  the man looked deeply in Hiruzen's eyes and said while smiling"I see...you grown up old and weak"as he walked away from the room.. as he walked away he taught of something before a small creepy smile appeared on his face.'you grown to old amd become soft old friend but it dosen't matter..'

Danzo thought as he disappeared in the cold night..later that night Danzo ordered over some of his Root members to disclose naruto as the Kyuubi reincarnation after one year.

Since then exactly one year passed,Naruto was hidden in an orphanage like all the children wo their parents died from the attack of Kyuubi.the leaked information would transform his life in hell.

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