1 Chapter one- How it all began

I wasn't always a loner. I mean yeah my bestfriend was called Lucy. She has been there for me since i was 7 years old. Her vibrant green color, those shiny black bottoms...She was fast and never betrayed me and held all my secrets to the bottom of her chain...yep i said chain...my bestfriend is a bike.

People say i am weird...but i dont have any friends..i keep to myself and i only speak to my parents and well, of course Lucy.

But that all changed...

Dad had gotten a promotion at his job causing us to get a lot of money to do stuff. we was not broke, but we was not rich either. My mother works as a waitress at a diner, while my father is a co worker of a special company. How did these two love birds met?

I have no clue.

Dad rushed into the house whistling and he ruffled my hair, and twirled my mother around.

"Michael what has gotten into you." my mother giggled. "I gotten a raise and we are going on a family vacation!"

I dropped my science book and rushed to the kitchen. It wasn't everyday you hear the word "Vacation"

"Where are we gonna go papa?" I asked. He squeezed my cheeks which is to chubby for my face and smiled.

"Son were going on an adventure."

And he was right. I never been to Disney land ever...I felt like everything I seen was a dream. A dream I won't ever bother trying to wake up from. I will enjoy every single moment while it still is available. I won't think of how much this, that, or the other cost or if its to big or small for me. I would just run through everything and buy buy buy!.

You might think im a selfish 9yr old boy who has no disepline. Well step into my shoes and tell me what you think.

I dont get much food on my plate with the little we have to share between 3 people. It will get worse now that my mother is pregnant...she told me it means a new baby is coming. Dad works long hard hours, and when i do see him, i dont recongize him. Mom trys to be there for me as much as possible...but you can't when your working double shifts day and night just to provide for one now two kids. So when i gotten my new bike and heard the word Vacation...I let myself become slefish just for one day. one special night. And try and feel what freedom felt like in my eyes.


We was driving home, and my chubby chin was placed in my palm. My mom was wearing a Mickey Mouse hat and my dad had Ogely boogely eyes on his head moving around constantly everytime he moves.

I was exhausted yet excited to see Lucy again. Instead i was face to face with a big orange truck and a family of 3 moving in side the home. No one lived there for 5 years. The 2 floor home with a dull green shade and crinkled roof sat there empty ever since i turned 4.

Ignoring the new neigboors, i rushed to the back of my house jamming the code to the gaurage and hugging my green and black Lucy bike.

"Gosh i missed you." I did but not as much, and i felt guilty.

I ran around the neighboor hood 7 times before getting tired.

On my way home i had to pass that Scary green house. I used to pedal as if a hurricane was coming when i get close to that home. It just sends chills down my spine.

But today i slowed down. I was curious and i wanted to see what would happen now that a new family was moving in. The shades were slightly open, and the brown hooded door was open a jar.

Before i could look around again, the door swinged open showing a short tiny girl running out the house with a bunny bouncing behind her. Once she saw me she ran up to me faster than i can say "here". The only thing between us is the white crooked fence. I looked down at her as she smiled.

Her chubby rosy cheeks and those big green eyes that had hints of some type of golden brown. It was the most vibrant green i have ever seen. Her brown hair was parted into two brown pigtails, letting two huge curls fall over her shoulders. She was adorable...

"Hi i'm Emmaline. I like worms wanna play"

And now she was creepy.

My nose scrunched up as i looked around. "No i dont like worm."

I felt a pint of guilt when i saw those pouty red lips turn into a frown. Her eyes glistened and i panicked.

"I-i will play with you. just no worms."

Those red lips quickly turned into a big smile showing me two missing front tooths. She opened the gate and grabbed my hands, causing me to fall over almost tripping into the pile of dirt if i hadn't caught my balance.


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