1 Tik Tok addiction

crystal (main character): what's this tik tok app

Arianna: just download it of I wont be ur friend

tiana: yeah I'm heading home

Ariana: same *hugs both of them*

tiana: *heads home*

Ariana: *heads home*

crystal: eh all my friends are allways dancing the wierd songs, thayd never stop bragging about how much followers thay have in this app called "tik tok", I need to try it out...otherwise I wont have friends anymore

crystal: *goes to the app store and searches tik tok*

*finds it and starts download*...

crystal: it's getting late I'll use the app tomorow...*gets in bed and falls asleep*

>the next day<

crystal: *wakes up* what time is it...*remembers she had downloaded the app*

Oh! the tik tok app! *goes to phone and presses on the app*

crystal: *she'd make an account*

Crystal: *starts to like some videos immediately gets addicted*

crystal: OMG I LOVE IT!

crystal: *she'd start making videos getting greedy for view likes and followers*

Ariana: *knoks on door*


Ariana: oh okay *leaves*

Crystal: *shed start getting mad as shed start to loose followers*

Crystal: *drinks pills for each follower she looses*

Crystal: *does of an overdose*

TikTok: *bans account*

The End...

(dont get addicted to Tik Tok its brain washing you slowly...)